10 Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Fruit pile and juice in pitcher isolated on white background

Everyone is concerned about getting a proper breakfast, since it’s supposed to “break the fast”, or the long hours since the last consumption of food at dinner. We are so hyped about eating a “quick” and “traditional” breakfast and running out the door to work that we somehow forget to see what is in these breakfast foods, and how it may affect our health. A breakfast that is unhealthy can actually make you feel sluggish during the day, instead of giving you a head start on your activities. Aside from that, there are health issues that might come up in the long run if you continue with the habit of ingesting unhealthy foods for breakfast. Here are a dozen foods you should steer clear of in the morning.


No-fiber cereals


Cereals have become a breakfast staple for kids and adults alike. A lot of people think that a bowl of sugary cereal is enough to hold them until lunch. While this may be true in large amounts, you have to consider that the usual pack of cereal is mostly a carbohydrate source, converted into sugar inside the body. This sugar gives you your much-needed energy spike, for an hour or two only, unfortunately. After this period comes the sugar crash, the time wherein you will feel lazy and wanting to consume another sugar-filled snack. This cycle goes on and on.


Processed Meats


Bad news for bacon-lovers, processed meats for breakfast aren’t good for you. Processed meats contain nitrates, substances linked to the development of colorectal cancer. Although it is one of the few breakfast options that can supply you with a good amount of protein without the danger of added sugars, it is a costly alternative, health-wise. Opt for eggs or nuts, instead.


Breakfast bars


From the name itself, “breakfast bars” imply that they provide complete nutrition equivalent to a healthy breakfast meal. This can be true, if what you consider “a healthy breakfast meal” is a large portion of sugar. Breakfast bars have nuts and granola, so at least some form of protein and fiber, but most of them only contain minimal amounts of both (fiber is 1-3 grams per bar). What it is loaded with is added sugar, which makes you feel full for a short period of time.



Fruit pile and juice in pitcher isolated on white background

A lot of people simply grab a glass of juice for breakfast and consider themselves ready to face the morning. This is not a healthy option for your energy level, your stomach, and your health. A lot of juices in the market contain only a small amount of real juice. Most of them are added with high-fructose corn syrup as well as other added sugars that increase your risk for type-II diabetes. Juice is also an acid, and will not be good for an empty stomach, increasing your risk for developing ulcers in the long run.


Donuts and Danishes


The convenience of grabbing a donut at some drive-through on the way to work is not worth the long-term consequences. These baked/fried flour-based treats are empty of true nutrition, and will lead to a hunger pang before lunch. The sweet toppings add to the temptation, yet also add to the health risk. You wouldn’t want to start the day with a very unhealthy pastry; it’s like eating candy for breakfast!




Muffins can be a very deceiving breakfast option, giving you the notion that it’s a healthy option, especially when paired with names such as “bran, all-natural”. The typical muffin size sold in the US actually exceeds the USDA portion size by 333%! That means you are consuming the worth of 3.33 regular muffins for your breakfast. Aside from that, we all know that muffins are just small cakes in disguise with added chocolate chips, dried fruit and maybe even syrup and sprinkles! When it comes to nutrition, they’re basically breakfast cakes, so you can do the math.


Toaster Pastries


This quick breakfast fix can be a go-to for people who love sweets and want a quick dose of sugar overload in the morning. Flour, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and soybean oil are the ingredients for a perfect sugary cocktail, which can lead to diabetes and other health problems in the long run. All of these ingredients are also found in toaster pastries, making it a recipe for disaster early in the morning. The sugar does give you an energy boost for breakfast, but makes you hungrier during the day, making you eat more and gain weight.




This goes without saying, because burgers are a form of processed meat just fried and packaged in a bun. It might be tempting to just grab a burger from a fast food joint on your way to work, but the risk associated with breakfast burgers outweighs the benefits. The cholesterol and fat accumulation can lead to serious diseases after some time.


Coffee (add-ons)


Having a cup of joe in the morning is one of the basic breakfast necessities of millions of people around the world. Coffee in itself is good to stimulate the brain and give you a kick when you’re still groggy, however, the coffee add-ons aren’t good for you. Most of these are sugar bombs sneaking calories into your system, and a lot of them come in packages wherein the serving size isn’t clear, and you end up putting worth three cups of add-ons to your morning brew. Syrups and creamy sweeteners are no exception to this, and is just an excuse to satisfy sugary cravings in the morning.




No matter how many kinds of foods aren’t good for breakfast, having none at all will always be more detrimental. Your brain and body requires energy after a good 8-10 hour fast, and if you deprive it of nutrition, it might cost you serious health risks in the long run. It increases the stress in your body when you attempt to work on an empty stomach, and will lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, and an accumulation of unhealthy fats, which can contribute to the risk of diseases such as stroke and coronary artery disease.

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