10 Health Statistics that will Astonish You

Numbers are always important when trying to assess multiple health trends, and quantifying data is one of the most efficient means to see how well a place is doing in terms of fads, beliefs, and health-related situations. Healthcare has come far in improving the lives of people and their lifespan, but taking care of one’s health is still top priority as it is the most important facet of living the quality of life that one desires. Here are 10 astonishing health statistics that may make you think about your health habits.


  1. One in ten parents assume that fizzy cola is classified as a fruit


In UK, a food company called Green Giant conducted a survey, and a shocking 1 out of 10 parents assumed that carbonated coca cola is considered a fruit. Although the Cola is actually a plant, which produces caffeine-laden Kola fruits used for flavoring the popular beverage, carbonated soda is definitely not a fruit in itself. What’s more is that these parents believe that a serving of cola is equivalent to a serving of the daily-recommended fruit intake.


  1. Only 6% of Americans practice the recommended exercise time of 30 minutes daily


The recommended time allotted for exercise for adults is at least 30 minutes a day. Only a minute population of Americans is able to achieve this, making the rest under-exercised and prone to diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle. The ease of multiple activities of daily life make chores easier and require less time and effort to do, but also makes people lazier and less likely to get up and going.


  1. 1 in 6 women choose blindness over becoming fat.


The perception of the perfect body appears to have stretched it’s limits on women, who in a survey conducted by Arizona State University have suggested that they would rather be blind than be obese. A staggering rate of 1 in 6 women agreed to this, with multiple others preferring alcoholism or getting an STD over being fat.


  1. The leading consumer market of products promoting weight loss is the U.S.

weight loss

80% of weight loss products ranging from pills, shakes, etc., are sold in the U.S. This lines up with the fact that 35% of the U.S. population is obese, with 6.3% in the extreme obesity range. People have turned to weight loss products in an attempt to reduce size as well as risk for developing chronic illnesses such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and stroke.


  1. One-third of short term memory is affected in habitual smokers


Long-term smoking is known to have lots of chronic illnesses like COPD and cancer, but the effect on the smoker’s brain is not well discussed. A study has shown that the short-term memory of smokers is not as good as those who do not smoke. Quitting considerably restored this, so if you are a regular smoker, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your smoking habits for the sake of your mental health.


  1. Cosmetic surgery is wanted by 48% of women


In a society where being beautiful is considered a top priority for assessing people’s self-worth, women resort to cosmetic surgery to improve their physical assets in order to appear more attractive. It is saddening to learn how the perception of beauty makes women want to conform instead of being happy for their natural beauty. A lot of plastic surgeons would be glad to hear that 48% of women want to undergo some form of cosmetic surgery, but popular culture can only go so far as adjusting skin-deep beauty.


  1. Preventable forms of cancer constitute 1/3 of all types of cancers


As more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer every year, there has been a major addition in diagnosing perspective from treatment to causes. Although some forms of cancer are genetic, there are a lot that are actually preventable. The main factors for preventing these types of cancer rely on an individual’s lifestyle and diet. Unfortunately, there is a high obesity percentage in the U.S., but due to health fads and information from the Internet and through school, more and more people are becoming conscious about what they eat and how they exercise.


  1. 46 teaspoons of sugar can be ingested by people having a regular diet everyday

sugar tsp

Most food companies make their foods sugar-laden in order to improve sales due to the addictive property of sugar. As a result, people who usually buy pre-packaged foods, even those claiming to be “healthy”, end up consuming way more sugar than they bargained for, which can reach approximately 46 teaspoons a day! This contributes to major health issues in the U.S. and should be monitored by the health sector as well as consumers alike. It is best to check the nutritional facts and ingredient list of every food that goes into your grocery cart to avoid over-consumption of sugar.


  1. More than one-third of American children currently living in the U.S. are obese

obese kid

Fruit juices and the usual snack packs are not as healthy as they seem. Parents usually buy pre-packaged snacks for their children to bring to school because of the convenience it offers. The children love these too, because they are tasty and loaded with sugar, which is addicting. These kids eventually get hooked on sugar, which when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle will lead to childhood obesity. The fact that more than a third of the country’s children are obese is alarming because of the predisposition of these kids to a lot of preventable diseases.


  1. As of 2012, the percentage of men who are 20 years old and over who are obese is 34.6%, and percentages for women under the same category is 36.4%


Obesity is a leading health-issue in the U.S. primarily because of its long-term effects, which makes people prone to a lot of chronic illnesses that could be prevented through weight control. Heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes are three of the major concerns that obese people face. With these percentages on hand, the focus of healthcare should be shifted toward prevention of obesity through programs designed to lose weight, as well as restriction of extremely unhealthy foods which largely contribute to the obesity problem all over the country.


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