10 Misconceptions People Have about Diabetes and Oral Health

Are you worried about diabetes? You now know about all the misconceptions and false ideas. Some people say that eating sugary foods causes the illness? Or you might feel like now you have to give up every type of regular food out there.  The dental team at First Choice Dental always seems to be getting misguided questions or doubts from patients who are diagnosed with diabetes.These are myths that have just a smidgeon of truth to them. You need to separate the facts from the gossip. And We’ve put together a list of 10 facts about diabetes that can help with your oral health and your overall wellbeing.

1. Eating Sugar is Bad for You Now

“If you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes you need to know that eating sugar does not bring on the disease,” say the dentist at Fist Choice. diabetes is a disease that is defined as the malfunctioning of your liver and kidneys. It is when you can no longer turn the food you eat into energy that your body can use correctly.

2. Following a Diabetes Diet is Difficult

While it may seem this way at first, this is not true. the team of experts at First Choice Dental say that you have to be careful with what you eat when you have diabetes. You need to  plan what you eat, but following the diet is easy. Basically, it all about controling your blood sugar levels as close to normal as you can. The key is in finding foods that work with your lifestyle. You will need to make nutritional changes but these changes are not as hard as you think.

3. Carbohydrates Are Out when You Have Diabetes

This is a misconception. carbs are not all that good for you anyway, and when you have diabetes, they can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate, which is why you need to minimize the amount you eat on a daily basis. Some carbs do have nutrients, but you still need to watch them.  Avoid eating simple carbs like white bread and pasta. These are not good choices because they have few benefits and are more likely to spike your blood sugar levels.

4. Protein is the Better Choice

This is also a misconception say the experts at First Choice Dental. Sure, you don’t want to eat too many carbs but you don’t want to substitute too much protein for them either. Eat a balanced diet and select the proteins you need in small quantities and carefully. Avoid animal and red meat fats which are bad for your heart.

5. Adjust Your Medications

This is a bad solution. If your doctor places you on insulin you can match it to the types of food you eat.The truth is you need to take this medication as instructed. It doesn’t give you free reign over how much and what you eat.

First Choice Dental tells us that if you use medication to control your diabetes you need to do so as directed. You can’t change the amount of medication based on the  carbohydrates you take in.

6. You Have to Avoid All the Good Foods.

This isn’t necessarily so say other experts like the Sexton Dental Clinic.  You don’t have to give up every food you love. Instead you can: 

  • Change the way you fix your foods. Bake instead of fry it?
  • Change the accompanying foods that you prepare with foods. Try to have more fresh vegetables, and look for healthier ways to cook it.
  • Use smaller portions. This way you can still enjoy your faves.
  • Don’t reward yourself with favorite foods, instead give yourself something nice which is not food related.

7. Forget about Sweets if You Have Diabetes.

This is not altogether true. Instead do this:

  • Reduce your intake. Instead of serving a full portion give yourself half of one.
  • Use low-calorie alternatives.
  • Try fruit or oatmeal baked goods. Try yogurt for something refreshing.
  • Change the recipe a little. You can reduce the amount of sugar a recipe calls for, or even substitute for another ingredient that is more natural.


8. Stay Away from Low-Calorie Sweeteners.

This isn’t necessarily true. Most low calorie sweeteners are sweeter than the same amount of sugar, so you can use less. Sexton Dental clinic suggests you can ask  your doctor about possible sweeteners that are not bad for diabetic patients to use for cooking.

9. You Need to Eat Diabetic Foods.

The truth is that  foods that are good for people with diabetes are also healthy for the rest of your family. You need to watch what you eat and pay attention to calories and the amounts and types of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you eat. But it simply involves simple natural food choices and switching good foods for bad. This is all you really need to do according to our associates at Sexton Dental clinic.


10. Diet Foods Are the Best Choices.

Sexton confirms that this is just another misconception. The truth is that the best foods are the natural ones you find in the normal areas of the grocery store. Just stay away from processed foods and prepare your meals yourself. You need to stay away from prepackaged foods and begin healthier preparation of natural ingredients which is the smarter choice of prepackaged diet foods.


Bottom Line

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is important that you make more frequent visits to your dentist so he can watch, diagnose and care for your increased risk of gum disease and other oral health issues. You also need to watch what you eat and opt for healthy eating choices. Administer your medication effectively and visit your doctor to keep your diabetes under control.


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