10 Reasons You To Eat More Fats

Proteins are good and fat is bad. This is something most nutritionists and bodybuilders will tell you. If you are looking to keep a good figure and a healthy body, it was commonly accepted that you should eat a diet low in fat. But many recent studies have shown that fat is actually not necessarily bad at all and that carbohydrates, sugars in particular are the worst of the macronutrients. There are actually quite a few reasons a diet with lots of fat is good for you and we decided to compile a list of the 10 biggest reasons you should eat more fat and simply less carbs.

1. Fight Inflammations


When we say fats, we actually mean quite a few different things. Not all fats are the same. Basically fats can be distributed into good and bad. The bad fats usually come in processed foods in the form of hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated fats of trans fats. These fats contain lots of Omega-6 fatty acids which are not good for us as they cause many inflammations. The fats containing lots of Omega-3 on the other hand are very good for our health and in particular for the reduction of inflammations. Introducing a lot of these fats to our diet will keep you healthier in general.

2. Speed Up Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function

High quality fat is actually crucial to proper functioning of every single part of your body. Even your brain cells are composed of fat for a big part and this is why eating more good fats and less carbs will in fact increase your mental acuity. Myelin, which serves for nerve lining is also very reliant on fats and as eating more fats will give you more myelin, you will end up thinking faster.

3. Prevent Cancer

Stop Cancer

A German trial recently showed that a fat rich diet can actually combat cancer in cancer patients. Other studies have also shown the effects of fats against cancer, including a current one being performed at Tubingen, Germany which is investigating how fat rich diet can help combat aggressive brain cancers. While these studies are not exactly mainstream, many other trials have also investigated this phenomenon and while the results are somewhat promising, the scientists refuse to get people’s hopes up and many of the patients who sign up for these trials are in the very late stages of cancer. A high-fat diet would actually likely work even better for patients whose cancers are not as far underway as these.

4. Boost Your Athletic Abilities

Athletic Abilities

For many years, athletes used carbs as one of their main energy sources, but the more recent studies have shown that making fat your primary source of energy actually works much better. Fat has been the main source of energy for people for centuries in the past and recent scientific studies have discovered that eating a diet rich in fats will make your body create ketones which are than burned as a more powerful fuel for your activities. Ketones also help further reduce inflammations and athletes constantly need to battle inflammations. Thus, reducing your carbs and increasing the amount of fats you eat will generally make you healthier.

5. Improve Sleep Quality

Quality Sleep

Carbs and particularly sugars overload our brain and an overloaded brain will not fall asleep. Hunger is another factor that can keep you awake at night so eating fats instead of carbs is a good idea sleep wise as well. Fats like animal fat and coconut oil are great at both keeping you well fed and not keeping you awake at night the way sugars will. Of course, you do need some carbs as well, but a healthy diet should include more good fats and less carbs for almost everyone.

6. Build Muscle

Lean Muscle

A diet rich in fats can promote muscle gains, by improving hormonal balances and post workout recovery which helps build muscle faster and bigger. The effects of fats in your diet will increase the levels of the growth hormone whose lack can inhibit muscle growth, thus letting your muscles grow fast. While the particular matter does still require much more research, indications are that lots of fats and less carbs will generally help build muscle faster.

7. Cure Diabetes

Omega 3

The increases in glucose levels that are caused by eating lots of sugar make your insulin have to bring them down, in turn causing insulin resistance and diabetes. Diabetes further causes difficulty in metabolizing carbs which causes even more problems if you keep eating a carb rich diet. If you are suffering from diabetes or are prone to it, eating a diet low in carbs and rich in good fats will cause you to lose weight and reverse diabetes at the same time. The sooner you introduce such a diet, the faster it will act.

8. Lose Weight Without Starving

Fat Loss

One way to reduce hunger throughout the day is to eat frequent small meals, eating a high-fat diet will do the same with somewhat less effort. Diets like this reduce general sensation of hunger causing people to generally only eat a few times a day, while maintaining a feeling of being full throughout the day. Basically, if you can teach your body to convert fats to energy effectively and you can cut carbs from your diet, you will feel hungry much less frequently and be able to manage your diets in a simpler way.

9. Jumpstart Your Energy

Fatty Acids

Once again, eating the good kind of fats can be helpful. When you start to gain some extra pounds, the feelings of fatigue and lethargy are very common. Eating good fats can combat this when your body starts converting these fats into energy, thus giving you more energy to work with, suppressing the fatigue. It will take some time, but if you regularly start eating more good fats and less carbs, your body will learn to effectively convert fats to energy and it will become a much more powerful machine.

10. Stop Obesity


While it may seem like a paradox, increasing the amount of fats you eat at the expense of carbohydrates will actually cause you to lose body fat and avoid obesity. The same works if you are already suffering from obesity as such a diet will reduce your body fat gradually. Introducing lots of fats and protein into your diet and cutting out the carbs is probably the best way toward losing weight. If you are already fit, maintaining this diet will make sure you stay that way and don’t accidentally find yourself moving towards obesity.


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