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10 Tips to Prevent Teeth Staining

Southern Dental, Paragon Dental and Gateway Dental Share These Tips

Be careful of the foods beverages you  consume. Not only can these cause weightgain but they can also stain your teeth. Obviously, cigarette and tobacco stain your teeth and cause you to age more quickly. But did you know that there are certain foods and beverages that also affect your white teeth and cause staining, like sodas, juices, red wine, gravy and coffee and tea. If you do consume these teeth staining culprits, just be sure to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. You may also want to have a Professional Bleaching done. 


1. Check Your Toothbrush Regularly

Every few months, at least, you should replace your toothbrush. Otherwise, you will begin to transfer bacteria to your mouth. It is recommended you brush your teeth  a 45-degree angle moving the brush in a circular motion.

2. Wash Your Tongue

Use a
 tongue cleaner in am to eliminate morning tongue plaque and freshen your breath. Experts say that the primary reason for bad breath is the film that builds up on the tongue at night. 








3. Eat Hard and Crisp Fruits and Vegetables

Foods that are hard and crisp tend to clean teeth of bacteria. Apples are a wonderful teeth cleaning food. In fact, they are known as nature’s toothbrush. Choose raw carrots and celery as well. For best results, eat these last in your meal.


Apple cider vinegar makes a great gargle as it  removes bacteria. 

5. Use Baking Soda for Your Teeth Once a Week

This removes stains and gives you a brighter smile.  Use it like you do toothpaste but only about once a week. You might also use a salt water rinse or a type of toothpaste. Just be sure to spit it out so the salt doesn’t affect your health. 

6. Use a Mouth Rinse 

Lick your palm and smell it while wet to check your breath. If you smell something funny, it’s time for a mouth rinse, just make sure it is alcohol-free.

7. Brush your Teeth Twice a Day

It is important to brush in the morning and at night, say the experts. Your mouth is dry at night, so you want to clean all the plaque from teeth after you wake up.  Brushing first thing in the morning removes the plaque and bacteria. 

8. Conceal with Color

Ladies can mask yellowing stains using lipstick.  Choose a medium coral or light red lipstick. These colors make your teeth look whiter.

9. Visit Your Dentist for Tooth Whitening

Your dentist can perform an in office tooth whitening process that will whiten your teeth significantly in about an hour.

10. Do an In Home Bleach

Your dentist can give you special teeth molds to place whitenening gel in and whiten your teeth at home. This takes longer than an in-office treatment but it can significantly brighten your smile.


Bottom Line

Whether you do a home bleach treatment or decide to go to the dentist, you’ve done a lot of work to keep your smile beautiful, so you want to keep your smile white. To prevent tooth discoloration afterward you can do the following:


Oral Hygiene for Clean and Bright Smiles

brush and floss every day. This keeps your mouth pretty and clean. Brush twice a day at the very minimum. For extra protection, use a toothpaste that protects against yellowing. Use toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. Rinse with water after you eat or drink acidic foods and beverages.  

Good brushing habits combined with regular dentist visits will keep your smile beautiful. Remember, stains can come back so curb your old eating habits and avoid smoking. 


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