10 Ways To Look At Your Breast Lift Before And After Pics

Thousands of women undergo breast surgery every year. Since more and more people are aware of this process, more people, especially men may want to know whether your boobs are real or fake. This may be the case when your boobs are especially big.

If you want to minimize chances of people telling that your breasts are not the real thing by looking at your breast life before and after pics, here are some of the things you can do:


  • Ask your doctor not to position your breasts too close to each other. Most natural breasts have 2-3 inches in between them. However, when someone undergoes a bob job, this distance is reduced by the implants and might be the tell tale sign in your breast augmentation pictures.


  • Your breasts should not be too high up. Natural breasts are not placed high on the chest. They should sit right around your armpit area. Giving yourself ample time will give your breasts time to settle down into their rightful position. This should be 4-6 months after you’ve had your procedure. You can wait for that amount of time to pass before you can start snapping photos.


  • Also avoid wearing bikinis soon after the operation. They will reveal that your boobs are riding much higher than they are supposed to. This can be easily seen from the armpit area.


  • Choose a more natural looking implant. Natural breasts are normally pear shaped or they look like teardrops. If yours look too well rounded, this is an indication that they are not real. Choose implant shapes that look like real breasts, so that they look real in your breast life before and after pics.


  • Hide your scars well. Hide the access points that your doctor used when inserting the implants into your breasts, so that they cannot be easily spotted in your breast enlargement before and after photos. The main access points include
  • Your belly button
  • The crease between your chest and breast
  • Around the nipples
  • Either side of the armpits

The scars on these points can be visible if you wear a tank top, or if you lift your arms up while wearing a sleeves top or if you are in a bikini, therefore avoid posing for photos if your scar points are exposed.


  • Be careful when you’re lying on your back while on the beach. This is because if you’ve had breast implants, your breasts will still remain pointed up. Natural looking breasts tend to spread out sideways when a woman is lying on her back.


  • Get implants that are proportional to your body size. If you are skinny everywhere apart from your boobs, this is a very big sign that you have implants and will be obvious when someone is viewing breast surgery before and after images. Avoid this by getting something that is more fitting for your body structure.

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