11 Liver Cleansing Foods To Get The Toxins Out

If you are a party animal and love to drink and spend the long weekend nights out on the town you will no doubt suffer from hangovers from time to time. And while many of us try using caffeine or even a small amount of alcohol to get over these, this will actually only do us more harm as it will put further pressure on the already exhausted liver and will do nothing for the hangover. There are a number of foods though that can actually alleviate the effects of hangovers and help remove toxins from your liver making you feel better again and keeping your body healthy in the long run.

1. Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

If you are a person who drinks alcohol relatively often or work a job that has you inhaling lots of liver damaging toxins, this herb is one of the best solutions for you. Milk Thistle is commonly used in tea form or blended with other herbs to alleviate the damage done to the liver, especially damage done by alcohol.

2. Lemon


Drinking some lemon juice the morning after a night of drinking with some water or tea is another good way of recovering and alleviating a hangover. Lemon juices entices your liver to produce more bile which serves well in detoxing the liver. Lemon juice also prevents gallstones buildups and promoted better digestion and movements of gastric juices.

3. Berries


All sorts of berries including blackberries and raspberries are well known for their antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that eating berries is a better way of introducing antioxidants than through supplements, as the bioavailability of the antioxidants in berries is higher than through supplementation.

4. Grapefruit


Grapefruit can help the liver to burn fat instead of keeping it stored and the high concentration of Vitamin C in grapefruit serves as great antioxidant. In total, grapefruit detoxifies your liver and causes it to burn the excess fat which keeps the liver protected and will serve great in combating a hangover.

5. Brussels sprouts

Brussles Sprouts

Glucosinolates found in Brussels sprouts and other green vegetables contain the Sulphur compounds needed to protect from liver damage caused by alcohol. They will also help your liver expel toxins and keep the hormones leveled which is all necessary to recover from a drunk state.

6. Avocado


Compounds in avocado produce glutathione which protects your liver against overload of toxins. Also, the fats in avocado can help you combat the need for fat you may feel after a crazy party, without eating anything unhealthy. While eating a burger may seem like what you need, it will actually likely make you feel nauseous, so just have an avocado, and your craving will be gone in a good way.

7. Beets


The bile ducts in your liver can get damaged by the built up toxins, and beets can help protect them from such damage. They also contain many other great nutrients like vitamins A, B and C, folic acid as well as minerals like iron and potassium which all have great health benefits. Beets are a fantastic energy source and can also help keep your upset stomach in check after a wild party.

8. Garlic


Garlic is another great food for flushing toxins from your liver. The sulfur compounds in garlic can activate the liver enzymes as well as selenium which all serve to protect liver from toxin damage and flush the toxins. Garlic supplements are a way of getting the same benefits while avoiding the terrible breath garlic can give you.

9. Walnuts


Ammonia is a toxin that tends to accumulate a lot in the liver and walnuts contain all sorts of nutrients which are great for flushing ammonia, such as L-arginine and the Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Try mixing some avocado and walnuts and this salad should really be a great hangover reliever. Combined, they will also be great for your health in general, so have at it.

10. Turmeric


Turmeric is a spice and not something you can really eat on its own but it does possess fantastic anti-inflammatory features and boost the bile production ability of your liver. The bile expels toxins and having some yellow curry the morning after will surely help keep your hangover at bay.

11. Spinach


Spinach is generally a very healthy food, as Popeye will tell you and it contains nutrients like beta carotene which can help protect your liver by stimulating cell growth in the liver. If you don’t really like spinach you could try some dandelions, arugula or chicory which all have similar properties.

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