11 Shockingly Expensive Foods You Never Knew Existed

Are you looking to eat away at an immense fortune. You can literally do that by ordering and eating some of the world’s most expensive foods. You may think the most expensive foods are much different to what you eat daily, but the reality is you can pay a fortune for just about anything, from a hamburger to a pie, any meal can cost you hundreds of dollars. Here is our list of the 11 most expensive foods you can order in restaurants or buy in stores around the world.

World’s Most Expensive Burgers

Location: Serendipity 3, New York

Price: $290

expensive1Why Is It Expensive: Le Burger Extravagant is not just your everyday hamburger. Sure enough it contains beef meat and dressings, but the stuff in it costs a lot more than a regular Big Mac. For starters, there is the meat which comes from Japanese Wagyu beef and is infused with white truffle butter. For the toppings you get cheddar cheese, black truffles as well as quails eggs instead of chicken eggs. The serving roll is just as extravagant, dusted with gold and spread with white truffles and topped with crème fraiche and caviar. Naturally the mix of all these ingredients will make even a simple hamburger an extravagant meal and to top it all off you will get a toothpick with a diamond top just for the heck of it.

But There Are Others: There are other very expensive hamburgers though, as New York’s 666 Burger also offers some very expensive burgers, at $666 each. The hamburgers are made of Kobe beef with foie gras and gold leaf, along with lobster, caviar and truffles. Additionally, Gruyere cheese and a special BBQ sauce are added to complete the flavor. This burger is actually meant to make fun of Le Burger Extravagant and has not yet been ordered by anyone.

Finally, for the world’s most expensive hamburger, we introduce FleurBurger 5000, a $5000 hamburger featured at the Fleur restaurant in the fabulous Las Vegas. The hamburger features, Wagyu beef, truffles and foie gras as well as a bottle of $2500 Chateau Petrus wine, reducing the price of the burger to $2500. This burger is not yet recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, but is the world’s most expensive.

World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream

Location: Serendipity 3 (Just like the most expensive hamburger)

Price: $25,000

expensive2Why Is It Expensive: First off let us explain what it is. The dessert is an ice cream sundae with 28 cocoas in it, along with the 14 most expensive ones. The Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream as it is called is decorated with gold you can actually eat and served in a cup lined with the same gold. At the very bottom of the up you will find a bracelet of 18 karat gold with 1 karat of diamonds and you will eat it with a golden spoon decorated with diamonds. You get to keep the spoon and this meal is clearly designed only for the ultra-rich and is a form of ultimate decadency.

World’s Most Expensive Curry

Location: Bombay Brasserie, London

Price: $3,200

expensive3Why Is It Expensive: Dubbed Seafood Treasure, this curry is made of Devon crab, Beluga caviar, Scottish lobster and white truffles. Several quail eggs and abalones are also in the mix making this the world’s most expensive curry.

World’s Most Expensive Pie

Location: The Fence Gate Inn, Lancashire

Price: $14,260

expensive4Why Is It Expensive: For the most part, what makes this meat pie expensive is the meat, that comes from Wagyu beef fillet. Additionally the pie contains other expensive ingredients such as black truffles, bluefoot mushroom and mutsutake mushrooms. Two bottles of the 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine are poured into the gravy that is served with the pie and the crust is covered with gold leaf, which is edible, making this one extremely over the top pie.

World’s Most Expensive Frittata

Location: Norma’s, New York

Price: $1,000

expensive5Why Is It Expensive: Playfully dubbed The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata, this frittata does not cost a zillion, but does cost a thousand. The frittata contains eggs and chives and the sevruga caviar in it costs $65 per ounce. Combine all of this and you get the world’s most expensive frittata which is not nearly as impressive as some of the other foods we listed.

World’s Most Expensive Bagel

Location: Westin Hotel, New York

Price: $1,000

expensive6Why Is It Expensive: Paying a $1000 dollars for a meal may seem crazy, but paying $1000 for a bagel is absolutely mental. But at the Westin in New York, Chef Frank Tujague sells these bagels at one thousand each, lining them with white truffle cream cheese and Riesling jelly, along with some gold leaf. The one good thing about this one is that the chef donates a portion of the price to a culinary school, but considering the kind of chefs this school seems to bread, I’m not sure that’s such a great thing.

World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Location: Margo’s Pizzeria, Malta

Price: $2,400

expensive7Why Is It Expensive: This pizza can be ordered in the island of Malta and it is topped with 100 grams of white truffles as well as gold leaf. This pizza has to be ordered a week in advance, and the restaurant donates the full proceeds from this pizza to charity, which is a very noble gesture.

World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

Location: Capitol Dawg, Sacramento

Price: $145

expensive8Why Is It Expensive: Nowhere nearly as pricey as the other dishes we listed, this is still by far the most expensive hot dog out there, and it would be hard to make a more expensive one. California Capitol City Dawh contains some pretty extravagant ingredients such as sautéed shallots, French mustard and Swedish moose cheese as well as regular tomatoes, pepper and basil olive oil. Additionally, cranberry-pear-coconut vinaigrette is poured into the hot dog and the dish is served in a roll toasted in white truffle butter.

World’s Most Expensive Soup

Location: Kai Mayfair, London

Price: $190 per bowl

expensive9Why Is It Expensive: Ever tried a soup with shark’s fins? Well now you can. This London restaurant offers a soup dubbed Buddha Jumps Over The Wall features abalone, Japanese flower mushroom, chicken, huan ham, ginseng and a number of other ingredients and it takes 5 days for the chef to collect all the ingredients and be sure he can make it for you. This soup comes at almost $200 per bowl and is certainly something different to try.

World’s Most Expensive Sushi

Location: Filipino Chef Angelito Araneta Jr.

Price: $1,970 for five pieces

expensive10What Makes It So Expensive: Well, each piece of sushi is wrapped in gold leaf and topped with caviar, three Mikimoto pearls and served with a diamond. No word on what fish was actually used on the inside of the sushi rolls, but I’m kind of hoping it’s imitation crab.

World’s Most Expensive Ham

Location: Food Hall in Sefridges, London

Price: $180 per pound

expensive11Why Is It Expensive: This particular ham is made in a bit of a strange way. The pigs used for the meat are fed nothing but roots and acorns, giving their meat a very special flavor. The ham is left to cure for three years and then moved into special wooden boxes in which it comes along with a DNA certificate, so you can be sure of the pigs genealogy.


As you can see, food can cost quite a bit and if you are a millionaire you not even find some of these items that expensive. Still, in a world filled with homeless and poor people, one cannot but question the morality of spending such ludicrous amounts of money on simple meals.


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