12 Fantastic Ways To Use Lemons

Pretty much everyone knows that lemons are one of the most Vitamin C rich foods in the world, but there are many other properties of lemons that re not so well known. For starters, lemons have extreme anti-inflammatory and antioxidant implications as well as a role in combating heart and brain diseases and even various types of cancer. Lemons are now grown around the world and were brought to the US by Christopher Columbus back in the 1500s mainly to help prevent scurvy. But aside for these few uses for lemons, the citrus fruit can also be used for a variety of other things, and this is a list of 12 interesting uses for lemons that you may have not known about before.

1. Household Deodorizer

Lemons Home Deodorant

Lemons can be used as deodorants for your household in several different methods. For instance, lemons can be used to get nasty odors out of your fridge. Simply put a sponge soaked in lemon juice in there for a few hours and it will remove the bad smells from the fridge. Another method for removing odors using lemons is putting lemon peel in your trash can or near a cat box, both of which can smell badly at times and the lemon peels or slices will help alleviate those odors. Simmering some lemon peel in boiling water along with some cinnamon and cloves can create a room freshener to be sprayed around your apartment and improve the scent of your surroundings.

2. Laundry Aid

Lemon For Laundry

While using industrial bleaches to whiten your clothes or linens can be effective, soaking your sensitive things in some warm lemon water can be much safer and will leave your linens smelling really nice. After that you can wash them the normal way and any stains should be gone. Adding some lemon juice instead of bleach to the washing machine can also be a great idea. You can also use lemon juice to clean particular spots and remove stains by combining it with some salt and rubbing the stains. Whichever way you choose to use it, lemon juice will certainly remove stains out of pretty much any piece of clothes.

3. Cleaning Agent

Cleaning With Lemons

Lemon juice is a powerful acid that can be used to remove grease easily from windowpanes or dishes. Combine lemon and vinegar with some water and you can create a powerful window cleaning products. Lemons can also be used in combination with coarse salt to clean cutting boards and putting some into your dishwasher can help remove the grease off of plates, dishes and spoons. Using lemon juice in combination with essential oil and baking soda can also be used to make a powerful general cleaning product that you can use to clean the likes of faucets, bathroom tiles, or pretty much any other dirty surface.

4. Polish Aid

Lemon Juice For Polish

All sorts of polishing products can be made using lemons. Using one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil is really great for creating a furniture polish for leather furniture. If you are looking to polish copper, mix an equal amount of lemon juice and vinegar. If you mix it with some baking soda, you can create a great product for removing tarnish from metal and cleaning silver with a mix of lemon juice with water and milk powder will make it shine again. Leaving your silverware in the mix overnight and then drying it off will return the shine to it and the lemon juice can also be used to remove the tarnish off the silverware when needed.

5. For Cooking

Lemons For Cookint

Lemons can also be used in cuisine, both to cut grease and to add flavor to dishes. A well known use for lemons in cooking is adding them to marinades used for fish but also meat dishes. Lemon juice, olive oil and various herbs can give you all sorts of great marinades. The lemon acid can be used to make the meat more tender and give it extra taste, especially when we are talking about barbecue and fish. Lemons can also be used in salad dressings and in combination with soured cream a product similar to buttermilk. Add some lemon juice when cooking rice as a great way of preventing grains from sticking.

6. Food Rescue


Lemon juice is a fantastic agent to prevent food from spoiling. Preventing rotting of fruit for instance is easy to do with lemon juice. Simply add your apples, pears, potatoes, bananas or other fruit to some cold lemon water or our the water over them and you will not have to worry about them spoiling anytime soon. Soaking some limp lettuce in the same water will give it new life and make it edible again.

7. Getting Rid of Stains

Lemons Cleaning

It is well known that using lemon along with some other ingredients can be used to remove various stains. For instance a lemon juice and borax blend can be used to clean your toilette bowl effectively. Simply pour some of this mix into the bowl and scrub after some time and it should be significantly easier to clean. Removing stains off marble or grease stains off your laundray is also easiest done using various lemon juice mixes. A salt and lemon juice paste will remove mildew off of anything and food stains on your pets fur are also easily removed with the citrus juice. Overall, lemon juice is one of the best stain removers out there.

8. For Hair

Lemons And Hair

One thing you may not have known lemon can be used for is to cure dandruff in your gair. Simply massaging your head with some lemonjuice and rinsing with water should after some time take care of your dandruff issues. Lemon juice can also lighten your hair, so make sure you don’t overuse if you don’t want this effect. If you do want to lighten the hair though, use a mix of lemon juice and coconut oil which will make sure the juice doesn’t evaporate, and after some time you should begin to see the difference.

9. Skin Problems

Lemons For Skin

If you are experiencing a rash or have been bitten by an insect, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of lemon juice will be great for alleviation. Simply use a cotton ball soaked in the juice to rub the affected area and the itching and swelling caused by such conditions should be alleviated a great deal. Lemon juice is also an astringent which means it works agains the likes of acne and blackheads as well and applying some juice for about 15 minutes on your acne, rinsing it with cold water should help a great deal. After the treatment, use some coconut oil to moisturize the skin.

10. In Beauty Products

Lemon Beauty Products

Lemon juice is a common ingredient in many beauty products and you can even use it to make your own homemade products. Mixing lemon juice and coconut oil can be used to hydrate the skin just as you would use it to lighten your hair. If you want to create an exfoliating scrub for your face and skin you can use lemon juice with some olive oil, honey and sugar. If you have been cooking and got the smell of garlic or other strong odors in your skin, you can use lemon juice to remove it by simply rubbing it into your skin and then rinsing with warm soap water.

11. For Aromatherapy and Massage

Lemon Massahe

Lemon essential oils are extremely pleasant for massage and aromatherapy. Lemon essential oil can help alleviate anxiety, stress and even reduce blood pressure. Mixing lemon oil extract with other essential oils and ingredients can also make for some other products, such as a mix with peppermint and rosemary which is great against constipation. Lemon smell also works to alleviate the nausea caused by pregnancy and the famous morning sickness.

12. Good Health

Lemon Health

The vitamin C and potassium in lemons are great for your immunity and digestive system and using lemon commonly in your diet will help improve your overall health. Drinking some lemon water in the morning is a fantastic way to start your day as the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features will help make you feel more energized and protect you against all sorts of illness including colds and flu. There are countless ways by which you can use lemon juice to alleviate all sorts of conditions caused by bacterial infections of throat and other symptoms of common cold and other common diseases.


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