12 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Cup of hibiscus tea and a heap of dried petals of hibiscus

The American Heart Association reports that almost 30% of all Americans suffer from high blood pressure, without ever knowing it. The silent killer, as many refer to it can cause all sorts of organ failures such as aneurysms, strokes and heart attacks and can negatively affect nearly any part of our body. A Harvard study determined that more that 15% of all American deaths are related to high blood pressure, making it a very serious issue. German health organistations’ reports are even more alarming as over 50% of all Germans over 60 suffer from it, while the younger generations are also susceptible. There are plenty of over the counter medicines that can be used to treat the condition, but they tend to inflict all sorts of side effects such as dizziness, nausea or insomnia making them less than perfect. But you can lower your own blood pressure without ever using any chemistry, and we have compiled a list of 12 different ways you can naturally lower your blood pressure.

12 Natural ways to lower your blood pressure:

1. Use CoQ10 In Your Diet

pressure1The powerful antioxidant is one of the best dietary supplements you can use to battle high blood pressure. It promotes better blood flow and general feelings of wellbeing and energy surplus, while seriously decreasing your blood pressure. Adding 60 to 100 mg of this supplement daily to your diet will likely reduce your chances of any blood pressure related issues greatly, but should always be done with medical consultation.

2. Walk It Off

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Power walks are one great way, especially for the elderly, to lose some weight and regulate their blood pressure. Exercising may be great for your muscles but it is also great for your heart as it promotes more optimizes usage of oxygen which in turn eases the work for your blood pump. Cardio exercise is recommended to anyone suffering from blood pressure, but remember not to overdo it. There is no need to sprint, just power walk for half an hour a day. As you get better at it, you can cover more distance or go faster to optimize your results and challenge yourself.

3. Breath Deeper

pressure3One of the causes of high blood pressure is the stress induced rising in the levels of Renin. When you are under a lot of stress, the enzyme becomes too abundant in your body and your blood pressure can skyrocket. This is why calming techniques such as simple deep breathing or more advanced techniques such as Yoga or Tai Chi can greatly help alleviate blood pressure issues by reducing your Renin levels.

4. Dark Chocolate Power

pressure4Ok now this may seem trivial, but a scientific study recently showed that eating dark chocolate daily reduced blood pressure for 18% of the study’s patients. The flavanols found in dark chocolate can make your blood vessels more flexible and in turn your blood will run more freely. This is actually great, because it means you can treat yourself to some delicious candy and still get the benefits at the same time. Just remember not to use sugary chocolate, but rather the ones with at least 70% cocoa.

5. Enjoy Some Tea

Cup of hibiscus tea and a heap of dried petals of hibiscus

Another study conducted by the Tufts University found that drinking Hibiscus tea daily reduced the blood pressure readings of the patients by 7 points in just a month and a half. The control group who were not using the tea only improved it by 1 point, suggesting that the Hibiscus tea is a fantastic blood pressure alleviator. The scientists claim the phytochemicals in Hibiscus to be responsible, but whatever the reason one thing is for sure, drinking tea won’t harm you and it may very well help a great deal.

6. Cut Down The Office Hours

pressure6Overworking increases risks of hypertension by 15%, claims a University of California reaserch. Haiou Yang PhD, the lead reasercher on the project claims that working more than 41 hour per week will make it nearly impossible for a person to have healthy eating and exercise regimens, meaning their lives will be generally less healthy. Leave the office in time and hit the gym, followed by a home cooked meal and proper rest. Your body will be more than thankful to you. Leave tomorrow’s cares for tomorrow.

7. Add More Potassium To Your Diet

pressure7Research conducted at the Northwestern University Feinberg Medical School suggests that loading your diet up with potassium rich food will greatly reduce your blood pressure and alleviate any related problems. A diet with 2000 to 4000 mg of the popular micronutrient is suggested and eating lots of bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and raisins will help you get that amount in your system. Potassium is also beneficial for other purposes such as getting rid of excess sodium from your system.

8. Play That Funky Music White Boy

pressure8A research conducted in Florence, Italy suggests that listening to classical, Indian or Celtic music for half an hour a day will help patients with hypertension realty improve their breathing and heart rates, reducing the blood pressure readings by 3-4 points in a single week. So remember to relax and play some music as it will help your overall wellbeing.

9. Make It A Decaf

pressure9Caffeine can be seriously dangerous to your heart, as a Duke University study showed. The study showed that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day will raise your blood pressure by 4 points, which is a very significant amount. Not only that, but the pressure does not subside quickly when taking in caffeine, so reducing the amount of coffee you drink, or switching to decaf will also help lower your blood pressure.

10. Ingest Less Sugar

pressure10Both salt and sugar can greatly influence your blood pressure, and although most people diagnosed with the condition will reduce their salt intake per their doctors instructions, sugar remains an issue for many. It is actually the sugars and other carbs that cause your body to create excess insulin and leptin, which in turn increase the blood pressure. Insulin is the enzyme responsible for storing magnesium, which in turn helps relax muscles. But when your insulin receptors are few of your cells become resistant to it, magnesium leaves your body which causes blood vessels to contract and your pressure to skyrocket. The uric acid promoted by fructose is another cause of high blood pressure so simply reducing the amounts of processed food and any other food with sugar will certainly help with your blood pressure.

11. Supplement Your Vitamin D

pressure11Another cause of high blood pressure is stiff arteries, which have been linked with Vitamin D deficiencies. You should look to get more vitamin D in your dies as it will help reduce blood pressure and relax your arteries, making you feel better in general.

12. Is Your Gut Flora Rich Enough?

pressure12Eating fermented foods like yogurt or kefir will boost the flora in your gut, making you more resistant to all sorts of problems. A study showed that taking probiotics can help reduce blood pressure by 3-5 points in a short period an eating more fermented food will do pretty much the same. These foods contain vast amounts of beneficial bacteria and they will enrich your gut flora by incredible amounts making you less prone to blood pressure issues.

We can see from these methods that reducing blood pressure does not necesarilly need to mean medication at all. There are plenty of ways you can take care of your body and your cardiovascular system to avoid blood pressure problems even late in your life. Just live a healthier life, work less, relax more and eat healthy and the days of high blood pressure will be history.


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