Vegan Bodybuilding – Stating the Obvious

Vegan bodybuilding has become the latest craze as it seems to contradict the previous image of vegans being skinny and skeletal like.  Two major components to being able to build muscle on a vegan diet is variety, this goes not only for eating a variety of foods in your vegan diet plan but also in your workout regiment.  One of the questions that seem to pop up time and time again for vegans, particularly for vegan bodybuilding, is the matter of protein intake.  While it is true the recommended daily allowance for protein is fairly low, this is not the case when building and maintaining muscle.  Protein can be found in many vegan foods but you will still need to take a protein supplement, rice protein is recommended for vegan lifestyles, and of course the other factor is your workout.  Taking a protein drink and doing some pushups is not going to do the trick.


Vegan Bodybuilding – Put Forth the Effort for Results

As with any bodybuilding, vegan bodybuilding requires some work.  You need to have a strenuous and challenging workout to build muscle.  Strenuous does not mean to do more than you are capable or to injure yourself, it simply means you have to put in the work to receive the rewards.  Start off with lighter weights till you understand your limits and then you can steadily improve with more weight.  As with any workout you need to do a warm-up with cardio, such as jumping jacks or other activity that will get your blood flowing before stretching.  You do not want to stretch cold as it can injure muscles.  Tearing muscle is essentially what bodybuilding consists of but it is in small doses while also taking days off in between to let your muscles heal and grow.  You can do cardio in these in between days including running, cycling, or other similar activities for at least thirty minutes.

Vegan Bodybuilding – Variety

A vegan bodybuilding diet allows you to eat quite a bit and you want to try to eat vegan foods that naturally have protein along with your supplement drink.  Legumes are a good way to achieve this with different types of beans, lentils, and others.  There are also different types of nuts available such as almonds.  You can also mix in some different fruits and milk substitutes such as rice, soy, or almond milk with your rice protein for a delicious shake.  Flax seed supplements are also great for vegan bodybuilding.  Nut butters, in moderation, are also a great way to get protein along with some necessary fats that can help you absorb the protein and build muscle.  If you have a good workout routine than you can eat a lot to help build the muscle you want while still staying lean to let your muscles show.  Any bodybuilding routine requires some effort and you have to push yourself, again without injuring yourself, to build the body you want and maintain it.  You will want a hefty amount of protein to achieve this, and although protein can be found in vegan foods it is still going to require quite a bit more.  It is recommended to intake approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle.  This usually seems to average to be a little elss than your body weight.  If you are 180 pounds then you will need around 150 grams of protein.  Yes, this is a lot, but it is necessary for building muscle and non vegans have just as difficult of a time to find this amount of protein and must use supplements to maintain it.  Have a variety of different types of foods in healthy portions, and vary your workout so you are not doing the same routines every day.  Put forth the effort if you want results.  Let your muscles heal in between days and take a rice protein supplement to achieve great results with a vegan bodybuilding plan.

Vegan Diet Plan – The Natural Way

A vegan diet plan can lead to a healthier lifestyle naturally with the proper application of delicious vegan friendly foods.  There are plenty of foods to choose from and most spices are allowed so you can flavor your food to your taste.  The important thing to look for is that none of your foods, clothing, or any aspect of your life contain animal products or byproducts.  This includes things like honey, milk, and leather.  The basic premise is quite simple really as is the diet, though it may require some discipline for some, once you get used to the process you’ll find yourself having higher energy levels and a better sense of being.  One of the key ingredients to a vegan diet plan is something that remains true for most diets, eat more fruits and vegetables.


This seems like such an easy thing but you’d be surprised at how many people just don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.  This is surprising mainly for the fact that the majority of fruits and vegetables can be eaten right away and don’t need any preparation to consume.  If it’s a matter of convenience, fruits in particular are about as convenient as it gets.  Sure it may mean hitting the grocery or natural food store more often but in the end it is far cheaper and healthier than any other option.

Vegan Diet Plan – Healthy & Tasty

Some of the other foods available for a vegan diet plan include the consumption of nuts, seeds, whole grain products, and legumes.  Legumes are essentially different types of beans such as lima beans, chickpeas, lentils, navy beans, etc.  Cooking beans can be a long process, but well worth the time, so if you decide to buy them canned just be sure to check that they were not canned using any type of animal lard.  Whole grain products can include many different types of breads, brown rice, and oats.  You still need to stick to a regular diet as vegan friendly foods can contain foods such as chips and other snack foods.  One of the great things about a vegan diet plan is you get to eat a lot and are actually encouraged to do so as you are eating healthy foods.  No need to starve yourself, pig out on the right vegan foods and you will be healthier and energized.

Vegan Diet Plan – What’s Missing

One can get most of the nutrition they need from a vegan diet plan.  There are a few vitamins and minerals that are harder to find with a vegan diet plan and may require particular foods and/or supplements.  The main vitamin that is difficult to find naturally in a vegan diet plan is vitamin B12.  This particular vitamin can be found in vegan friendly juices and foods that are fortified with the vitamin where it is not found naturally or supplements can be taken to meet the requirements.  This is particularly important for pregnant women.  Vitamin D is not found naturally in vegan foods but it is found naturally under the sun, quite literally.  A little bit of exposure to sunlight can get you the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D you need.  So get out of the house now and again and you’ll get what you need.  With a vegan diet plan you can eat all you want of delicious healthy foods and still lose weight and have energy the natural way.

Vegan Diet – A Healthier Choice

Most of the important vitamins and minerals necessary in a healthy diet already exist in a vegan diet, contrary to popular belief.  However there are some nutrients that may require supplements if the proper foods are not being eaten to provide you with them.  There are also many vegan foods that are fortified with these vitamins that may otherwise be missing.  Many think that it is difficult to get protein with a vegan diet but the truth is the daily amount of protein required is low and there are many vegan foods that provide it such as almonds and other nuts or nut butters, chickpeas, and peas, vegetarian beans, spinach, potatoes, and many others so it is not necessary to take a protein supplement so long as you eat a variety of different foods in your vegan diet.


The main difference from vegetarians and vegans is that vegans refrain from all animal products and by products in every aspect of their life, this includes things like leather clothing and accessories, fur, honey, cosmetic products, and any product that contains any form of animal products or by products.  A vegan diet does not have to be difficult and with the proper planning can be very tasty and delicious.

Vegan Diet – Taste is on the Menu

Many would have you think that a vegan diet consists of lying around in fields chewing on grass and twigs but there are many tasty recipes available for a delicious meal.  It is typically the variety of spices that add taste to most meals and the majority of spices are safe for vegan consumption.  Most labels put whether the product has animal byproducts in bold lettering but some do not so always check the labels.  If you are unsure of certain ingredients then you can look them up to be sure; one of the joys of smart phones is you can look it up right there in the store.  You can also shop at natural food stores for an easier time in the selection process.

Vegan Diet – How to Fill the Void

A vegan diet will allow you to be healthier naturally just by eating better.  For instance most people just don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, any diet, and by going vegan it becomes a necessity.  Fruits and vegetables can be quite delicious and take very little preparation to make, and in most cases don’t need any preparation.  So eat more fruits and vegetables everyone whether you are going vegan or not.  A vegan diet does not always denote immediate health, especially since there are still many snack foods available for vegan diets, just because it is vegan friendly doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy, though most vegan foods are healthy you shouldn’t go gorging on chips and other snack foods.  As far as some of the missing ingredients in a vegan diet such as vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D; there are supplements available to fulfill this need.  Of course there are also vegan foods available that provide these as well if you know what to eat.  For calcium you can eat dark green vegetables or intake foods or juices fortified with this vitamin.  For Vitamin D, you simply need some sun, it can provide all the vitamin D you need with little exposure.  Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that will either need foods or juices fortified with the vitamin or supplements will be needed as it is not found naturally in a vegan diet.  If you can stick with your vegan diet you will find it to be quite pleasant as you become healthier and feel better about yourself.

Vegan Meals – Variety and Flavor

Vegan meals can be delicious and still healthy and there are many recipes to choose from or you can create your own.  There are a myriad of options available including many great desserts and cookies.  Although there are many foods prohibited in a vegan diet plan there are still plenty of healthy foods available.  Spices are still available on the vegan menu allowing for some delicious variety and flavor.  As with any meal, by combining the right ingredients together you can create a full menu of options for your palate and contrary to popular belief they aren’t all salads.  With the addition of vegan friendly meat substitutes you can create any type of meal you wish.  You can find many recipes online to get you started and once you’ve learned the basics you can start adding your own flare and eventually create your own great tasting vegan meals.


Vegan Meals – Eat, Eat, Eat!

The main aspect with all vegan meals is, of course, to not use anything containing animal products or byproducts; after that the sky’s the limit.  You can create amazing vegan meals, chowders, soups, salads, cakes, and other desserts with a little ingenuity and know how.  One of the great things about the vegan diet is the ability to eat plentiful amounts of food throughout the day.  Ingesting fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grain products means there are plenty of options available.  From burritos to vegan pasta dishes and beyond you can cook a meal in any style and flavor across the vast expanse of ethnicity and variety.  Eating a large variety of different types of foods is encouraged in a vegan diet plan so you can create a variety of different vegan meals to suit your particular tastes and cravings and always have something new.

Vegan Meals – Your Heart’s Desire

There are also vegan meals that can be prepared quickly for those on the go.  Of course the beauty of eating fruits and vegetables is the convenience.  For many vegan meals the only thing you need to do is combine a variety of them in a bowl without having to cook a thing.  This is especially true of fruit salads that can provide a delicious meal that will seem more like a dessert while still providing the healthy benefits of a vegan diet.  You can have a baked potato with chives, black beans, and some pico de gallo for a delicious meal.  Cooking beans can take some time so if you wish to use canned beans just be sure to check that they are not packaged or cooked with animal lard or otherwise contain animal products.  By adding meat substitutes you can create any meal from any cookbook by just simply substituting your own vegan friendly products.  This includes things like meatloaf, we’ll have to invent a new name for it soon as there are recipes available to make it even better than your grandmother’s original.  Whatever it is you wish to cook, you can, while still adhering to a healthy and natural vegan diet plan with amazing and great tasting vegan meals.

A Vegan Diet Can Save Your Life

A Vegan diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle and there are some great recipes out there to make your meals enjoyable and delicious.  Veganism is a lifestyle choice and those who are not used to it should ease into it gradually as far as your meals go.  Being a Vegan means not using animal products or byproducts of any kind.  This is very different from vegetarianism as the lifestyle change only affects their food diet.  Vegans will not use any animal product of any kind including leather products, honey, or anything that may contain animal byproducts as well.


A Vegan diet consists of lots of fruits and vegetables and you would be surprised at how many great recipes are available for delicious meals.  Many eat very unhealthy foods and the reason seems to be the claim of convenience but there are many unique ways to make quick and convenient meals and still maintain a Vegan diet.

Keys to a Successful Vegan Diet

The key to a successful Vegan diet is eating a wide variety of Vegan friendly foods to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need.  You can always take supplements for any that might be missing in your diet.  Vitamin D is one that is more difficult to find in vegan foods but the answer is quite simple provided you are not a pale skinned goth hiding out in their parent’s basement.  That’s right, all it takes is some sunlight to get your vitamin D and it only takes about thirty minutes a day in the sun to get your recommended daily allowance.  Most people, regardless of their diet or lifestyle choice do not get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.  A Vegan diet will give you more energy as you will have no choice but to eat healthy foods and you will have an overall sense of well being knowing you are not contributing to the mindless slaughter of innocent animals.  It’s a win, win situation for all parties involved.

Vegan Diet – Check Your Labels

Another key to a Vegan diet is checking labels when you buy foods.  You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to find a natural food store, though it sure does help in the selection process, and you can find the right foods at your local grocery store as more and more stores are offering organic foods, or you can get what you need at your farmer’s market.  If you are buying canned beans for example, as regular beans take so long to cook, just make sure to check the labels as many canned food items may contain animal lard or byproducts in them.  Check online and you can find great vegan recipes, and there are so many available that you can have a new experience every time you eat.  Remember most spices are safe for vegan diets to add all the flavor you want.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, check your labels, and make sure you are not using any animal products or byproducts in your personal life.

Baptism Gowns – For All Faith’s

Protect your children through the sanctity of the Lord’s blessing and buy them baptism gowns for that special day.  Let all who behold the innocence be blessed and saved for the future generations to come.  How much is that worth, well it’s priceless, so buy your Baptism gowns and get them started on the right track.  Baptism gowns are also available in adult sizes for late bloomers who may have traveled down the wrong road before they made the decision to give themselves over completely to the lord to relieve them of their sins and negate their responsibility in their actions.


Baptism gowns come in all sizes for all faiths and beliefs to aid them in drowning their sins and sorrows and bathing in the healing waters to be refreshed and renewed in a way that cannot be done in their own bathtubs.  Wash away your sins and be forgiven and revived to save your immortal soul from the eternal fires of hell and damnation that will surely await you if you don’t.

Baptism Gowns – Safe from Eternal Hellfire

If your soul is on fire then take a dip in the healing waters and soothe your soul and do it in style with baptism gowns.  “Jesus Christ, take me away,” you’ll say before your sentence is interrupted by someone dunking your face underwater to save your soul from eternal hellfire.  If you want to learn how to swim you’ve got to jump in and let the Lord’s breast stroke soothe you and comfort you.  Baptize your children before it’s too late to preserve their innocence and if you are an adult and are just now getting Baptized due to the overwhelming guilt of all the terrible things you’ve done and want to cleanse yourself and be forgiven then buy baptism gowns for the occasion and be free from sin.  Jesus Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the forgiveness of your sins because before that God would have smited you without a second’s notice until his son said, “no dad, I’ve got this,” and now all you have to do is take a bath to be forgiven.

Baptism Gowns – The Dunk Tank

You no longer have to get nailed to the cross to be saved, now you just settle in for a nice warm bathing ritual, and you don’t want to do that in your church clothes, so get baptism gowns to mark the occasion.  Sure you could just wear some swimming trunks but you need something that looks unique and is meant for the particular needs of baptism that will cost way more and you will only use once.  This is particularly important if you plan on taking photographs to remind yourself or someone you love of the sacrifice you made to be seen as worthy in God’s eyes and this cannot be done without the baptism dunk tank, unless your Methodist and then you just get the spritzer in your face, but you should still wear expensive baptism gowns just to be safe.

Houston Colleges – Stay Alive in a Failing Economy

There are many Houston colleges available that can get you started to earning your degree and get a better paying job.  From accredited universities to tech schools and graduate schools there are plenty of options to choose from including online courses so you can learn from the comfort of your own home on your own time.  There are also many financial aid programs and grants that can get you the money you need to start learning whether for personal development or for better pay in a rewarding career field.  It’s never too late to start and as the economy begins to fail it is important to have job skills and a degree to ensure job security in case it continues to get worse.


Now is the time to jump on board and get to shore before the ship sinks and leaves everyone struggling to stay afloat as they drift down the stream without a paddle and no education to keep their heads above water in these declining times.

Houston Colleges – Keep Your head Above Water

Soon scholarships will be harder to come by and Universities and colleges will be forced to increase their prices just to make sure they don’t go under as well and that’s why Houston Colleges serve such an important role and why now is the time to apply before it all changes and starts that ever failing fall downhill.  You can be the guiding light that sets the future right again with the knowledge and know how to keep it all from crumbling on top of us.  There are so many options for education nowadays that there is really no reason not to go to college and get your degree so you can have better options in life and not be stuck doing something you hate just to make ends meet.  You can get started now and begin that wonderful journey down the road to success that will be the only saving grace in the future when the world’s economies give way.  You are the answer to our problems and only you can save us from disaster.

Houston Colleges – Sink or Swim

Education is an important asset in these times and whoever said ignorance is bliss just didn’t know any better so get started now with your education at Houston Colleges.  You can be whatever you want to be and the American dream is still alive and resides within us.  You don’t have to be a prepubescent teen picking the acne off your face to be thinking about college.  Any age is accepted and all it really takes is the drive and energy to succeed in this world to learn something you are interested in and have the ability to work a job you love while getting paid lots of money to do it.  Of course you can keep putting it off until you end up with arthritis looking back at your life in regret and sorrow, or you can join any number of Houston Colleges and start towards a better future.

Learn French for Kids – More Likely to Succeed

Learn French for kids to provide your children with the knowledge to travel, have more job opportunities, and a better education.  Studies have shown that children who learn a second language are more likely to succeed as they journey through life.  It causes their young minds to stretch and expand as they are implemented with logic and problem solving skills due to the formulations that occur through the process of learning a second language.  Giving them the opportunity to learn while they are young is very important as younger minds are more resilient and capable of retaining the knowledge then adults are.


Learning French can also help with great job opportunities that will allow for the chance to travel and France has and always will play a vital role in the world from art to cuisine and everything in between with its beautiful beaches and culture.  It is the language of love and will be a vital asset to your child throughout their life.

Learn French for Kids – Valuable Life lessons

Using the opportunity to learn French for kids will give your child valuable lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their life.  Every adult who didn’t learn a second language always wishes they did so give your child a gift they can always have with them for the rest of their life.  It will automatically instill in your child the sense of adventure and wonder and they will to want to travel the world as they grow older.  You can give them the intellect of another culture so that they can have a better understanding of the world and their place in it.  They will have the capacity for learning many other things just by simply teaching them the French language.  Give your child the opportunity to have a better life with the gift of an education and an expanded knowledge.

Learn French for Kids – Opportunities

By using learn French for kids you are giving them that old adage of, if you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, if you teach him to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.  Let your children have the opportunities to learn and grow and be educated so that they have a real chance to be successful.  How many junkies and meth addicts have you heard of that speak French?  Exactly, so give your child a chance at a great future.  The ability to speak a second language is a sought after job skill for many employers and being bilingual means there will always be an opportunity for them to have a great job regardless of what the future economy may hold in store.  They will have the options available to them to make it through and the will and wonder to want to see the world.  It will look great on any Ivy league or university application or job application and they will have the chance to succeed.

Tendonitis Wrist – Get Off to a Good Start with Treatment

Having tendonitis wrist can cause many problems in day to day life, but with a stroke of good luck you can find the right rhythm and get off to a good start.  Tendonitis wrist is an inflammation of tendons in the wrist that may tighten around the bone or at points where they meet and can be caused by many different reasons.  Guitarists are known to suffer from tendonitis wrist due to the muscles having to work so hard when strumming or picking their instrument.  It has also been known to occur in writers, more often before the modern age when people stopped writing and started using computers and typewriters, though it can still occur through these methods as well.  It can also occur in athletes who may use their wrists often such as in tennis players.


The pain and inflammation can be mild to severe and may affect more than one tendon.  It can cause irritation or severe pain and restrict individual’s activities that require the use of their wrist.  It is a quite common affliction and although typically mild some cases can be severe.  It is also known as tenosynovitis in some medical circles.

Tendonitis Wrist – Treatment Options

The tendons rubbing against the bone due to inflammation and the restriction of the movements involved in moving your wrist can cause some pain with tendonitis wrist as build up keeps the smooth gliding action from occurring.  Even though the pain may be minor it can be quite a hindrance on everyday activities as people don’t seem to realize how much they use their wrist until something goes wrong with it and then everything suddenly becomes quite difficult.  Having a difficult time in stretching and opening your hand, or closing it, or moving your wrist around without irritation is a sign that you may have tendonitis.  There are tests that can be performed to see if you have it and to determine exactly which tendon it may be that is causing the problem as it is more often than not only one tendon, though on occasion it can be more than one.  Once these tests have been competed than the proper treatments can begin to isolate the tendon and get it back to working order again.

Tendonitis Wrist – Options

Typically with tendonitis wrist it is just best to not use the wrist and let it heal though you should always check with a doctor if any conditions persist for an extended period of time or if the pain becomes extreme.  It is a very common affliction and can be easily treated so you can get back to your normal life where everything works the way it is supposed to.  There are plenty of treatment options available and your wrist can be working correctly again to bring back the pleasure to yourself with a clean bill of health.  If you come down with tendonitis wrist and it lasts for more than a couple of days you need to consider seeing your doctor to remedy the problem.

Getting started with a healthy and guilt free diet

If you are new to veganism then we will go through and show you the best ways to get started with a healthy and rewarding *vegan diet*. Often times patients ask about a vegetarian or vegan diet and ask if it something that I would advise to do. Meat products can offer a lot of protein in ones diet but there are so many other ways to go about getting the proper protein nutrition without ingesting all the harmful properties that can be contained in meat products as well as the moral issues some may have. Today’s consumer has more vegan and vegetarian options than ever before thus making a switch to a healthy diet a more reasonable option. A majority of patients that have never been on or tried a vegan diet always are skeptical about the taste of vegan products and recipes. The simple answer is that there are enough recipes that can be made to where you wouldn’t even give meat a second thought as well as have an extra craving towards it.


The internet has given us thousands of tried and true *vegan diet* recipes that have ratings from other dieters that are as picky as one can be. The biggest dilemma patients have faced when on a diet is the fact that they have to set aside time to make these dishes as well as take the time to shop for vegan labeled products. This has even become a much simpler task thanks to more and more grocer’s catering to a vegetarian and *vegan diet*. Since many of us are constantly on the move we cut out our health for convenience. In order to properly maintain your diet you need to find ways to have vegan foods handy for snacks and cravings or simply locate vegan friendly eateries around your location. Many vegan dieters face a hectic and rushed morning and this is when it is good to have a blender and fruit in order to make smoothies which can give you your daily intake of nutrients and prepare you for what the day has in store for you.