4 Mouth Healthy Tips for Hard Winter Weather

The experts at Young Family Dental know that winters can be harsh in Colorado and throughout the USA and this type of weather can be really hard on your body, especially on the skin that is exposed to the harsh cold. And if you are one who enjoys the winter weather, and can’t get out into the snow to play, then have at it. Just remember that the cold can cause problems in your mouth and with your lips.

But just because your mouth and lips may get a little sore and hae a few seasonal problems,  doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire season indoors  you can enjoy winter in all its glory, just follow a few healthy tips to keep your lips and mouth healthy throughout this dry blustery season and your gorgeous mouth will be ready for whatever spring has to offer. 

Chapped Lips

Go skiing and notice that everyone seems to have chapped lips? Apparently, this is a normal occurence. In fact, every skier will tell you that chapped lips are often the consequence of a good day. It is too bad that getting out on the slopes means you also expose your lips to wind, cold and sun, all elements that offer the best environment for chapped lips. And if you live in a state that is not warm throughout the year, you have certainly experienced that chapped lips feeling. Young Family Dental tells us that just by being outside during this time of year, you could damage the skin on your lips. The best prevention is to protect your lips during blustery winter weather. Use a sunscreen protected lip balm throughout the day.  You can also stave off chapped lips by hydrating your lips often with water. If you still have a chapped lips problem after following these tips, you might want to try sleeping in a room where you have a humidifier on. Use petroleum jelly on your lips. This product offers a great and inexpensive way to keep the moisture in your lips.

Canker Sores

For some reason, Young Family Dental and other dental professionals see patients with a lot of canker sores during this time of year. If you suffer from this problem usual, it might be because you eat too many of the wrong foods. Dentists suggest you minimize your intake of high acidic foods.  Stop sipping the ginger ale, the cider and limit those sugar cookies.Young tells us that you can prevent the annoying sores by foods that are harsh on the mouth. This includes spicy and acidic foods.

If you already have the sores then you want to keep the area as clean as possible. Use the best home remedy that dentists recommend; salt water rinse.  Swish a few mouthfuls of sal and water mixture to help the sores heal faster. Another option is to run down to the pharmacy and buy something for the pain.

What about people who wear braces? You want to ask your doctor about wax to keep the braces from rubbing up against the inside of your mouth and make sure to visit the orthodontist to get your braces fitted correctly. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Young Dental Care tells us that those sharp pains you feel when you bite hot or cold foods might be stronger during the winter. Cold temperatures often leave your teeth a little sensitive, even when you try to avoid foods that cause the sensitivity. You can’t avoid the cold weather altogether, so you might want to try a specially formulated toothpaste.  These products for sensitive teeth use elements that protect against inclement weather.

Go out and have fun, practice your favorite winter sport, and stop worrying about your oral health. Just practice these few steps and prevent the mouth problems that come with winter.  

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