4 Top Things That Affect The Cost of Liposuction


The price of liposuction varies greatly. While some doctors charge a steep fee, others will charge a low fee. This is because there are several things that affect the cost of liposuction.


  • Consider the equipment used to remove body fat. Cost will be affected by how advanced the machine is. Surgeons who use more costly equipment will charge more. For instance, most surgeons use a cannula to get rid of the body fat. They do this by inserting the tool just under the surface of the skin and moving it over the area to be ‘treated’, so as to loosen the body fat. Once the fat has been loosened, the fat is then sucked into the cannula. However, there are some doctors who will use machines that incorporate the use of ultrasound in the procedure. This gives better results. Since the machines are more costly, the doctor will charge more money whenever they use them.


  • Well known doctors usually charge much more for their services than less known doctors. This is due to the high demand on their time and resources. Less known doctors are willing to charge lower prices, so as to attract more clients. That doesn’t mean that they are not as good as the more expensive doctors.


  • Other non surgical costs will come into play. This includes the surgical room where the operation takes place, the surgical clothes worn, pain medication and other things that may come up. Even though these things cause the cost of liposuction to go up, it pays to have them close by. In case of any complications, they will come in handy.


  • The price of body fat removal is also affected by how long the procedure is expected to last. The longer it will take to complete the procedure, the more you will have to pay. Generally, the duration of the procedure is affected by how many areas in the body fat has to be sucked out from. In addition, the size of the individual matters, since bigger people have a lot more fat that needs to be sucked out, so they will generally be expected to pay more for the services than leaner people


Some surgeons will give the patient an itemized list of all the charges incurred, others will not. Knowing what you are paying for will help you make a more informed decision about various elements of the surgery when it comes to cost.

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