5 Days of Living With Temporary Cosmetic Teeth Covers

What You Can Expect: Connection Dental Tells All

You have finally decided to get a new smile makeover. It is a fairly easy procedure but it does take a few appointments. Connection Dental tells us about the process. It is not one of those overnight deals, not unless your dentist uses the highest of dental technology tools. It really isn’t until the third appointment that your dentist will place temporary cosmetic teeth covers over your teeth. He puts these in place to temporarily cover the work he is doing on your teeth. You don’t receive your permanent veneers until the  5th or 6th appointment. 

Connection Dental Tells All

So what can you expect when living with your temp cosmetic teeth covers? We give you the full scoop.

Temporary veneers are made of acrylic say experts at Connection Dental. When they are fitted they feel a little rough and in many cases, too big for your mouth.This is normal because the adhesive used to fix them in place is painted onto the front and backs of your teeth, so you can no longer feel the backs of your real teeth. Because you have a rough layer of adhesive on the backs of your front teeth, your bottom teeth are not able to slot in behind them as they usually do. This can push your lower teeth back slightly in your mouth and will probably give you a slight ache in your jaw.

You will feel some slight discomfort. This is normal because you have a rough layer of adhesive on the backs of your front teeth. You might even fell like your bottom teeth are not able to slot in behind them as they usually do. This can push your lower teeth back slightly in your mouth and will probably give you a slight ache in your jaw.

Once your final veneers are in place, this feeling will go away though say the dental experts at Connection Dental. This is when your teeth will begin to feel normal again. But in the meantime, your dentist will fit temporaries as one big block – like dentures – rather than as individual teeth. They do not have gaps in between each tooth and so your speech could be temporarily be affected.

You may also find that you seem to have more teeth around your gums. This is because you can’t suck air through the gaps in your teeth. This is one piece, and you might have a sensation of needing to swallow the saliva in your mouth regularly. Connection Dental specifies that you will probably find that your teeth are also a little more sensitive to air when you breathe. Air on them can provoke a slight sharp pain, especially if you eat ice cream or cold foods.

In the beginning, you won’t like the temporaries much, and your mouth might ache throughout the 5 days. After that fifth day, though, you can expect the discomfort to subside say our dental experts at Connection Dental.  You will still be conscious of the temps and they will feel like fake cosmetic teeth covers, but, they probably won’t cause you a great deal of pain. Still, there will be a constant pressure on your gums. But you can stem the pain with over the counter medications like Tylenol.



The first day is the hardest says Connection Dental. It is difficult to remember exactly how I felt immediately after having my temporary cosmetic teeth covers fitted. But I will try to recount my story. I know I was completely drained and tired,  and my mouth was very sore. This might be a good time to ask for a day off at work.  


Getting temp veneers is not a walk in the park but it is worth it.  Id advise you to take a relax day off and stay home and watch TV or do something similar.


What About Eating and Drinking

When you get new temp cosmetic teeth covers you’ll want to drink and eat room temperature foods and beverages. When I had my temps put on, anything too hot or cold would have had me climbing off the ceiling. It also felt very very strange attempting to eat with the temporaries. It felt like all my teeth had been removed and small Lego pieces had been inserted in to my jaw. They didn’t feel like they were mine and I was conscious of clanging them together and them not fitting together as I chewed.


How They Felt that First Day?

When I went home to bed I was very conscious that my teeth and bite didn’t fit together properly and I couldn’t close my mouth in a comfortable position. I spent a little time moving my jaw around and stressing myself out. This is quite normal but it did feel a little awkward and made me quite anxious.


Brushing Teeth:

The dentist  will tell you to brush softly. You need to brush my teeth very gently and to swill my mouth with either alcohol-free Listerine or salt and water. I used Sensodyne toothpaste, which I have used for years anyway. This helps with gum soreness and the salt water helps as an antiseptic.  



On the second day of having temps put on, you may regret going through with veneers. The pressure may be somewhat uncomfortable and very distracting. There was still no sharp pain, just a continuous throbbing ache.

The teeth felt a little sensitive to the air when you breathed in. They will feel alien, like someone else’s teeth in my mouth. Too big. Awkward. Rough. Unfamiliar. Take a pain reliever to ease off the jaw ache and the pressure. Eeat small portions of  soft food on the first couple of days while you have the temps on. 

Day 3 

By day 3 you can back to work. You will still feel sore but it will be better. You may find the following to be uncomfortable. 


  • Talking hurts your jaw
  • Unable/best not to bite or chew anything with your front 2 teeth, can only use the side of  mouth


Day 4

You will feel much better and manage to sleep well at night.  The mouth sores will still be a bit painful, though. The temporaries will start to feel a lot more normal. 



On the fifth day of having temporary cosmetic teeth covers fitted, you should be getting used to them. However, you might be anxious to have those permanent veneers put on. 




Your permanent cosmetic teeth covers should be fitted somewhere in here and your teeth will feel normal again. Sure there may be a few mouth sores say the experts at Connection Dental. But once they abate, everything will be back to normal. Except for one difference, you will have new veneers, and will be totally happy with the results. 


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