5 Reasons to Eat Breakfast Regularly

The mornings are always rushed and almost everyone is in a hurry to get going. While breakfast used to be a family meal earlier with nutrition taking priority over convenience, it is a compromised meal today. Many people dispense with breakfast altogether in order to get to their workplaces and even schoolchildren sometimes don’t want to have breakfast and just do with a glass of milk. This is an unhealthy lifestyle as the benefits of eating breakfast regularly are many. Simple planning in advance and including all food groups in the meal can get you started off in the right foot for both the day and your life.

Lowers risk of diabetes

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By eating breakfast, the first meal of the day results in regulating your appetite for the rest of the day. This means that you develop a positive eating pattern for the day just by the inclusion of breakfast. When you skip breakfast on a regular basis, you are exposing yourself to high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and insulin sensitivity, which makes skipping breakfast a pretty risky lifestyle, on par with smoking.

Lowers risk of coronary heart diseases

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If you want to decrease the risk of heart diseases, eat a healthy breakfast. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study which showed that skipping breakfast can raise the likelihood of coronary diseases by 27%. Missing breakfast can lead to adverse metabolic effects in the body that can result in cardiovascular diseases.

Stops craving for junk food


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Any breakfast can keep you healthy over the years but the right kind of breakfast will provide immediate and extended benefits. A high-protein breakfast will make you feel full and satisfied for the entire day. This prevents the intake of junk food over the day because of the lack of hunger. Craving for unhealthy food is also reduced in people who eat a breakfast rich in proteins. Eating the wrong kind of breakfast, such as fried foods or sugary foods can be counterproductive.

Keeps you energetic

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Eating breakfast generates more energy in your body. Eating a meal first thing in the morning nourishes the brain which releases signals to the blood stream stimulating the desire for activity. This motivates people to be more active and promotes exercise, which in turn releases endorphins to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. It is important to ensure that you are actually eating a breakfast that is healthy.

Increases attention span



Eating breakfast helps you concentrate and increase performance and productivity, irrespective of age. For schoolchildren, eating breakfast is a must as they tend to be hungry often and are more distracted than adults due to their age. Breakfast can help them concentrate. But it is also helpful to adults. During the night, blood sugar level goes low because of the body in repose and the long period of fasting over the night. Eating a breakfast rich in proteins and fibres will help in sustaining a steady blood sugar level required for the brains to function properly and increase our productivity.

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