5 Reasons You Look So Tired

Have you ever experienced looking tired while actually feeling just fine and rested? There can be quite a few reasons for this and we bring you the list of the five most common reasons you look tired while feeling fine and rested.


Coffe Crash

Drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated products like Guarana can cause wrinkles and other damage to skin because of the dehydration it causes. To prevent this, drink less coffee and possibly replace with tea or other beverages that have various health benefits and will not leave your skin wrinkled and dehydrated.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleeping

The body releases fluids from the bloodstream into your soft tissue, which includes your face. Pooling of these fluids around the eyes can cause your skin to stretch and become very thin in the surrounding area. These pools will cause your eyes to be baggy and especially if you sleep on your stomach these bags will often occur. Sleeping on your back and on more pillows will usually allow for some of the fluid to be drained into the body and not accumulate in the eye region.


Allergies Tired

Dark circles around your eyes don’t always come to be from fatigue, but can also be caused by allergic inflammations. Increase in blood flow in the region can cause pigment cells and create discolorations. Most people only start treating allergies when symptoms start to appear, but it is actually a good idea to always use antihistamine in allergy season if you suffer from allergies.

Processed Foods

Proccessed Food

Sugars found in processed foods can really do harm to your skin, causing all sorts of inflammations which can cause collagen breakdowns, creating wrinkles and damaging the skin. Trying to eat a healthier diet with less white flour and fructose and more healthy sugars will help solve this issue.

Dry indoor air

Dry Eyes

If you woke up with bloodshot eyes it is likely the air in the bedroom is simply very dry which can cause your eyes to lose moisture and become very dry, causing dilation of blood vessels  and making your eyes look as if you haven’t slept in days. Using an air humidifier can be a great solution to this problem.

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