5 Top Reasons To Choose Dental Implants over Dentures and Bridges

When you lose your teeth and do not have dental implants placed there are certain consequences. The experts at beautiful smiles dental tell us that it is the jaw bone that is affected.

Effect of Tooth Loss on Other Parts of the Mouth

Bone can often be like a muscle in that it moves, and when you exercise it, then it remains large and fully functional. To illustrate this lets take look at the example of a broken bone. You go to the doctor and he puts a cast on the bone for a few weeks. During that time you can not move it. Then when the cast comes off, that part of your body semms smaller than it was before.  This is because  the muscles on the inmobil bonehave started to shrink or atrophy. The jaw works similarly. This bone is stimulated by the activity of your teeth. So when you don’t have a tooth that part of your jaw no longer exercises. IBeautiful Smiles Dental tells us that the bone requires needs dental stiumulation to maintain its strength, and when the tooth is not there the area will shrink. 


The Relationship Between Teeth and Bone

When there is tooth loss, the bone will lose some of itswidth and height. Studies show that this bone loss worsens over time, and so it is necesary to replace the area with some sort of tooth like an implant.

Total tooth loss can lead to an almost complete jaw bone loss. For instance, when a lower jaw has 2 inches of height before tooth loss, after this loss it can have a reduction to as low as a quarter of an inch. That is one reason why today dentists are so enthused with the technology that allows for implants to replace lost teeth. 

Most people who wear dentures dont realize that there is such a thing as bone loss.  Over time, they come to notice the problem because of the ill fitting denture.. The rate and amount of bone loss may be influenced by several factors that range from gender to the use of certain medications.   Despite this fact, almost 40% of denture wearers continue to wear their aparatus for more than 10 years, which can promote the loss of bone over time.

We Must Consider This Say The Experts at Beautiful Smiles Dental

The issue of bone loss after tooth loss has not been an important factor for the dental profession until now. This was  because there was no other option. Today, we understand bone loss, and we believe that implants help  stop the loss because the implant stimulates the bone, in a way similar to the tooth.

Jaws with bone loss causes other issues like decreased bone width and even pain. Doctors say there can be as much as a 30% decrease in width of bone during the first year of loss.  This can cause discomfort and pain in the lower jaw and even result in  thin bony edges. This causes pain where the denture sits.   


Skeletal Bone Loss Can Also Occur

Loss of bone in the upper and lower jaw is not the only effect of tooth loss, a person can also lose e skeletal bone, in the facial area.  This kind of bone loss causes increased pain and movement in the dentures while eating.   

This is a condition that can also happen to  patients who are only missing a few back teeth. There will be bone loss and the remaining teeth can have damage ocurr. When bone loss occurs here, the surrounding teeth that hold the clasp for a bridge or partial can start to weaken and move due to impared bone loss.  

Effect on The Gums

When the bone continues to lose consistency the gum begins to thin. and it can become sore due to ill fitting appliances. This loose tissue can also complicate  the tooth loss and cause unfavorably high muscle movement. 

The tongue of the patient with no teeth may often enlarge to fill in the space and to be able to take a role in the chewing of food causing a denture to decrease in stability and to change in fit. This causes patients to simply learn to use their denture to chew the food in some form but not in an appropriate way.  


Facial Appearance Also Changes Say Experts at Beautiful Smiles Dental

Facial changes can also happen when you experience tooth loss and you start to age.  When the teeth are lost, this process is grossly accelerated with more rapid facial aging. When you lose teeth you can appear 10 years older.


Bottom Line

Dental implants offer a far superior option to bridges or dentures. They are a more expensive dental treatment say the experts of Beautiful Dental Smiles, however in the long run the benefits are superior.

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