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6 Vision Exercises You Should Do to for Better Sight

Sight is a beautiful sense to keep intact and healthy. It allows us to better appreciate our environment, and is very useful in day-to-day activities. Perfect eyesight is given to a good number of people, yet the rest of us have to deal with vision issues. The rise of technology, desk jobs and excessive phone and computer usage have led to the worldwide development of unhealthy lifestyles, eye strain and poor posture, and with it come more vision problems that could have been avoided. The use of contact lenses exposes the wearer to bacteria and infection, and glasses invite dependency. Here are 6 exercises designed to move the ocular muscles to restore good vision.


Doing the pencil push up


Fix your eyes at a marked point on a pencil held vertically in front of your face. Make sure it is your central line of vision. Move the pencil up and down while focusing on the mark ten times. Afterwards, rotate the pencil clockwise then counterclockwise, still keeping your eye on the mark. This exercise helps the ocular muscles achieve a faster reaction time and rate of movement, and can help conditions wherein there is difficulty focusing. A variation of the exercise you can do is to change the distance of the pencil from your face by moving it closer then farther away. This will stimulate the muscles that adjust to depth.




Sunning is an exercise that focuses on the contraction of the iris, which is the sphincter muscle that makes the pupils wider. It helps with light accommodation and reduces light sensitivity especially in those to tend to squint. This exercise is done with the eyes closed, and is done during the daytime due to the requirement of the sun. It involves moving the head from full right rotation to full left rotation, making sure that the eyes are not exposed to the sun during full rotation, yet is exposed to the sun during neutral rotation (or facing forward). This is done for 10 minutes and before the Palming exercise, which we will discuss next.




This method is simple and relaxing, and can be considered a form of mindfulness and meditation exercise that also benefits vision. This is most useful for those who have eyestrain, who suffer from headaches due to vision, and those who have dry eyes and blurry vision after a long day. The key to palming is to find a position comfortable to you. Keep your legs unfolded, and keep your body connected and in a state of relaxation, like you would do in meditation. Prop up your elbows, and put your palms over your closed eyes with one hand overlapping the other. Breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on positive things. You can do this several times a day for a few minutes depending on the time it takes you to relax.




Although it is natural for us to blink, staring too much at the television, computer screen and the displays of our mobile devices actually reduce the rate of our blinking, allowing the eyes to dry up and eventually making it prone to scratching, irritation, and vision problems. Blinking is an activity that will keep the eye lubricated and healthy, and is important especially when work involves staring at a computer screen all throughout the day. It is important to take breaks after 20 minutes, and blink a few times. Closing the eyes for a few additional seconds can also help.





Teaching the eyes to transfer focus from one point to another is called shifting. You literally just shift your focal point from one object to another. To start, pick two objects in the scenery you would like to focus on, for starters it would be nice if the two objects were at the same distance from you. Then, look at one object, then the other, then back to the first again. Keep on transferring focus for a few seconds. To add variation to this, and to add a little difficulty, try changing one focus to something farther or nearer than the other, to challenge your depth perception as well.


Visual Treat


One of the most relaxing things for the eye is the color green. This is the reason why a lot of offices have plants, or paintings with landscapes on them. These are not merely for decoration and aesthetics, but are also actually helpful for the eyes to calm down. It is also recommended to look at something green after staring at a computer screen for too long. Give your vision a treat by going to a place wherein there is abundance of green, or of nature to be exact. Fresh air does a body good, and fresh green landscape is what the eyes need after a long week of working.


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