7 Amazing Things Your Handwriting Can Tell You

We have all heard that you can determine someone’s personality by his handwriting, and while there is some truth in this, the truth is also that a person’s handwriting can tell us much more than that. Handwriting can give you early warnings on health problems and the science behind discovering all these things from handwriting is known as graphology.

We have all seen graphology used by the detectives in our favorite criminal investigation shows, but using handwriting to discover health issues is something not many people are familiar with. Companies around the world have also started using this science to scout for good potential employees based on traits they discover from handwriting.


But for the purposes of this article we looked into the health warnings a person’s handwriting may be giving us and this list may help you discover early warnings of conditions such as autism and dyslexia. Here is our list of the 7 psychological processes you may uncover by looking at a person’s handwriting.

1. High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure

The first issues that can be looked into through handwriting is elevated blood pressure. A cardiovascular system of a person with high blood pressure works quite a bit differently than a regular person’s and this is also reflected in their handwriting. The result is a shaky handwriting caused by the anxiousness that a person with elevated blood pressure is experiencing.

According to graphologists, people with high blood pressure tend to write very unevenly. Since their condition causes quite a bit of anxiousness it is reflected in hands shaking and general control of such fine details greatly impaired.

2. Pregnancy


Handwriting can be one of the first clues a woman is pregnant, believe it or not. A so called “pregnancy spot” can be noticed within just 72 hours of conceptions in a woman’s handwriting, according to research.

Graphologists claim that examining a woman’s handwriting will give you a very good idea of whether she is pregnant, as especially letters a and o will be noticeably different. The loops on p, f, g and y can also apparently tell a trained eye the gender of the unborn baby but this takes a bit longer to manifest and only near the end of the sixth month of pregnancy can it be determined. Apparently, if the child is female, the loops will point towards the left side.

3. Autism


In the formative years, a child’s handwriting can have a great impact on his academic success, not only because it is crucial for communicating thoughts but also because it will influence their self-esteem a lot. Children with autism tend to exhibit a lot of breaks in writing words similar with children with Asperger’s Syndrome. The reason for these breaks is the impairment in motor functions of the brain caused by the disease. The limbs simply do not get signals from the brain fast and accurately enough which causes a child to stop mid word, simply to remember how to keep going. Autism also reduces the functions of the sensory nervous system making it hard for a person to position the writing equipment properly.

4. Dyslexia


One condition that makes senses to be discoverable by looking at the handwriting is Dyslexia. A person with dyslexia has an uneven handwriting that follows no patterns and trying to make them change for the better actually only makes things even worse. There is a method of improving the handwriting by practicing cursive handwriting which requires a relaxed atmosphere and improves the child’s physical memory of letters helping them to gradually correct the letters. This exercise also helps dyslexic children and adults stop confusing their d and b or q and p through time.

5. Schizophrenia


According to research about 60% of the people who are treaded for schizophrenia using antipsychotics tend to end up suffering from other diseases such as Parkinsonism. What is more people with schizophrenia find it extremely difficult to keep their faculties under complete control, causing shaking of hands and other limbs. The handwriting of a person suffering from schizophrenia will dramatically change for the worse.

Graphologists who have examined handwritings of people with various types of disorders found that schizophrenics tend to have the worst quality of handwriting around. Comparison of pre and post diagnosis handwritten texts determined the change that occurs is so great that even an experienced graphologist may end up believing the two were written by two completely different individuals.

6. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease


Recognizing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease in patients by looking at the handwriting can be very difficult as a simple childish handwriting that many people have can be mistaken for these diseases. Well trained graphologists can, however, discover these diseases by looking very carefully at various parts of the handwriting. Parkinsnon’s Disease patients for instance exhibit tremors, slow movements and poor balance which translate into handwriting as well, causing small and cramped words and letters. Alzheimer’s patients on the other hand have widely spaced words and letters reflecting the forgetfulness which Alzheimer’s is famous for.

7. Depression


Clinical depression is another condition that can be discovered by close observation of a person’s handwriting. Happy people tend to have a handwriting that clearly shows their cheery mood, unlike depressed ones. For instance, a positive and optimistic person will usually write the crossbar on the t leaning upward from left to right. Generally speaking a happy person will tend to write most of their letters and words leaning upwards unlike a depressed one.

A downward slant in a person’s handwriting on the other hand can signify depression in many cases. The letters will tend to lack alignment and structure. This knowledge allows graphologists to help doctors and patients in diagnosing conditions and making sure they start treatments in time. Graphology has become an important part of the diagnosis process in many modern and developed countries in recent years.


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