7 Tips to Keep you Mouth Healthy and Heart Happy

Plaza Dental Gives Us Important Tips

Some people say that the teeth are not as important a feature as the rest of our body. However,  if you really want to know how healthy a person is, check out their smile say our associates at Plaza Dental. A healthy smile makes a great first impression, and otherwise, well let’s just say you offer the opposite effect. The following tips can help you give your smile the care it needs.  


Brush Twice a Day

Plaza Dental affirms that dentists will explain the correct way to brush your teeth. This might seem like overkill, but you really should brush your teeth for at least two minutes, every morning and evening.  This can keep your teeth in good shape and prevent oral health issues like gingivitis from setting in.

Brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day is important, and it is an activity you need to perform every morning and evening. This is what helps remove food and bacteria from your mouth and especially from in between our teeth. This is important because it is these food particles that when left in the mouth, give bacteria something to feed off of and cause acid byproducts that result in cavities. 

Brush in the Morning 

Plaza dental says that plaque starts in between teeth where it is hard to brush. It can happen even in people who have strong oral hygiene habits. The problem is often caused by saliva production. When your mouth does not produce enough saliva during the night, proteins and food bits adhere to teeth. If you do not brush in the mornings, this plaque can be hard to eliminate.

The team at Plaza explained to us that the temperature in the mouth normally stays at around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes warm environment is a haven for bacteria to live and feed in.   At night, if you leave food particles in your mouth, you give this bacteria fodder to cause plaque, and it hardens to form tartar. In turn, this irritates your gums, and causes other oral health issues like gum disease.

Avoid The Over-Brush

Yes, it is possible to over brush. If you use our toothbrush more than twice a day, and for more than a couple of minutes, and if you use a hard bristled brush, you can start to strip down the enamel on your teeth. This is the layer that protects your tooth roots, nerves and the interior dentin that makes your tooth a living organ. 

When you have less tooth enamel in your teeth the dentin layer becomes exposed, and this layer has tiny canals that lead to nerve endings, and when they are exposed, cause pain. A quarter of all adults suffer from the discomfort caused by sensitive teeth.

 Don’t Go Too Fast

It is very possible that you can brush with too much force. Instead of this, you want to brush your teeth like you are cleaning glassware. Do not flatten your toothbrush against your teeth. If you do this, you are brushing too hard. 


Sports Drinks and Sodas?

Stay away from soft drinks, colas, juices and sports drinks. These products strip  away at enamel. This factor when combined with dry mouth caused by the exercise exhertion causes some serious tooth decay. If you worry about working out, don’t go for the sports drink after an exercise routine, instead you should drink water and eat a banana for the extra potassium benefits. 

Tooth enamel protects your teeth from all the food you eat. But kids have soft enamel that is still developing, which means that their teeth are more prone to cavities and erosion from food and drink. This is especially why they should stay away from sugary beverages. 

Floss Every Day

Avoid dental invasion at your next checkup by flossing and brushing correctly. This removes plaque, and prevents gingivitis and periodontal disease. If you let tartar build up you cannot remove it simply by brushing, you need a dentist to remove tartar.


The Order Does Not Matter

Which should you do first brush or floss? According to dental specialists like those at Plaza dental, the order in which you brush and floss does not really matter. The point is that you do it every day.

Bottom Line

These 7 tips can significantly prevent decay and keep your teeth safe from the dentist. You won’t have to fear going to the dentist if on each visit you just get a good cleaning and ask your dentist about getting a fluoride varnish to protect your teeth against invading bacteria. 

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