8 Countries Where the Price of Breast Lift Is Much Lower Than In the US

Medical tourism is where an individual travels with the intention of getting medical treatment in a foreign country. The main reason for this is that some medical procedures are much cheaper in other countries as compared to the US. Here are 8 countries where the price of breast lift is not very expensive.

You can organize to go to these countries specifically to get treatment or you can double up your vacation time with the medical procedure. This will help to further lower your cost of breast lift.


1. Brazil

Plastic surgery in this country is quite popular, that is why treatment is not very expensive. Most young girls undergo at least one kind of plastic surgery by the time they are out of their teenage years. You will get a lot of privacy and good treatment at the clinics, so you don’t have to worry about judgmental stares from other people.


2. Thailand

This is one of those countries you have to visit if you do not want to break the bank due to the cost of plastic surgery. Thailand is known to be a plastic surgery hub, so you can easily get a breast lift done or even a breast lift with implants and any other kind of plastic surgery procedure that you want.


3. Iran

If you prefer to travel to the Middle East, Iran is your best bet if you are looking to get a good price of breast lift. Iran has some of the best medical programs in the world. Do not be deceived by the conservative culture and think that there is no room for plastic surgery in this country. You can double up your breast lift procedure up with a tummy tuck or facelift.


4. South Korea

If you prefer to travel to Asia, then South Korea is the best place to go as the charges for breast lift is more reasonable compared to other countries. You can get such drastic makeovers that can completely change the way you look. The plastic surgeons in this country are known for doing a good job, so chances are that you will not be disappointed by the results you get.


5. Poland

A trip to Poland can be cheap since a lot of budget airlines fly to this country. A lot of Europeans visit this country to get plastic surgery done. A breast enlargement procedure and breast lift can easily be done at a reasonable cost.


6. China

Millions of plastic surgeries are carried out in China every year. They have modern and well equipped facilities that have been licensed. However, you have to check and ensure that the facility you want to use has been properly registered to carry outs its operations since there are thousands of illegal facilities as well that provide plastic surgery procedures.


7. South Africa

If you are in Africa, South Africa is the best place to go if you want a boob job done, since the price of breast lift is fair.  There are multiple luxury medical spas in this country, so you can combine your medical treatment together with tours in the wild so see wildlife. You can also enjoy wine tasting tours.


8. India

There are many high tech hospitals in India where the cost of surgery is a fraction of what you would pay in the US. Just make sure to ask the right questions and find a good doctor to carry out the procedure.

The cost of getting a breast lift abroad can be cheaper by up to 80 percent compared to the US. This is especially if you pair it up with another plastic surgery procedure.

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