8 Methods to Deal with Snoring

Snoring occurs due to the blockage of the respiratory air passage while sleeping. This can be caused by many problems such as tiredness and colds. Snoring can also be a symptom for other diseases such as sleep apnea. On a social level, loud snoring can lead to many problems and has been the cause of separations and divorce. But snoring can be cured in most cases. So why not try a few natural therapies?

Start sleeping on your side


If your usual sleeping position is on your back, then that might be the reason for snoring. This position can sometimes obstruct the airway, making you snore. A simple solution is to change your sleeping position and start sleeping on the side. If you are unable to develop the habit of sleeping on your side, you can try a simple method to help you along. Tie a small ball or something uncomfortable to the back of your shirt so that when you roll around, the object would make the position uncomfortable. With this strategy, you would soon develop the habit of sleeping on your side.

Reduce alcohol intake


Alcohol consumption, even moderate, can lead to snoring. Alcohol reacts on the body as a relaxant, which includes the muscles at the back of the neck and throat. This can sometimes block the air passage and lead to snoring. By reducing or giving up alcohol, this can be prevented.

Exercise and reduce body fat


Another leading cause of snoring is obesity. Excess fat around the throat and neck areas can narrow the airway, leading to snoring. Obesity can also result in the loss of muscle tone and build-up of fat in the neck, which makes the soft palate and other throat tissue floppy, making a person snore. Exercising regularly can help in reducing weight and also tone up the neck muscles, reducing the snoring. For immediate relief, you can put extra weight around the neck that would put pressure on the soft tissues of the throat, opening up the respiratory airway.

Keep bed linen free of dust

Dust Covers

Snoring can sometimes be caused by allergy. This can be taken care of by using allergen covers over the mattress, pillows and other bedding material when not in use. By changing the bed sheets and the pillow covers on a regular basis, you would avoid the build-up of dust, and thus, reduce the snoring. You can also use an air purifier in the bedroom to clean up the air and reduce snoring caused by dust and allergens.

Drink herbal infusions


If your snoring is caused due to allergies during change of seasons, then herbal infusions can help a lot in dealing with it. Nettle leaves and sage are two herbs that help the most. They reduce the allergies and soothe the inflamed air passages, thus reducing snoring. Drink this infusion just before going to bed. For severe cases, it might be helpful to drink three cups a day.

Use a room humidifier


If you live in a dry climate, then the weather can be contributing to your snoring. The dry air can irritate your nostrils and lead to congestion. It can also irritate your throat and suck up the moisture in your throat and nostrils. To prevent this problem, a room humidifier should be sufficient in most cases.

Use essential oils

essential oils and medical flowers herbs
essential oils and medical flowers herbs

One of the most common causes of snoring is tiredness. Even people who don’t normally snore can do so when they are extremely tired. Using essential oils can help in stopping or reducing the snoring. Some of the oils you can try out are lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and marjoram. Dilute the oil with normal massage oil and rub it on your feet, neck and chest for a snore-free sleep.

Try acupuncture


A number of medical reasons can lead to snoring. Sometimes, due to injury or inflammation, fluids can build up in the tissues of the throat, blocking the air passage and resulting in snoring. Acupuncture can help in such cases by draining the excess fluid and increasing the flow of blood to these tissues, making them healthier. It is advisable to consult a doctor and get this procedure performed by a qualified acupuncturist.

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