8 Plants That Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Keeping plants in our homes is something people have been doing for centuries for various reasons. For starters plants can be beautiful to look at, adding color and life to our otherwise empty and lifeless homes. Additionally, plants are good for our living space as they provide constant influx of new oxygen, making the environment healthier to live in and helping us relax.

There are many plants out there which, when living in our bedrooms, can help enhance relaxation and give us a sense of comfort. The following is a list of 8 such plants, which can greatly improve your sleeping cycles but have become fairly forgotten by the general public and are not used too often as home decorations nowadays. It is our hope that this article entices some of you to add these plants to your bedrooms and improve your life quality with them.


1. Gardenia


A study by a German team of scientist shower that Cape jasmine or Gardenia has the same sleep inducing abilities as sleeping pills. The study compared it to Valium, the well-known sleep inducing drug and the results were equivalent. The study was conducted on mice and it also showed that just mild scent of Gardenia caused them to sit relaxed in the corner and be way less active than usual. While there is no human study to confirm these results, it is safe to say that the presence of this plant in your bedroom can only help you sleep, not harm you.

2. Lavender


Lavander is one plant we tend to use for a wide range of purposes, including making shampoos and other scented products or repealing certain insects such as mosquitos. Lavander can also be used as a cleaning agent, but for this particular article we want to emphasize its powers of alleviating insomnia and reducing anxiety. Research has proved that the smell of lavender is a natural remedy for insomnia and that it has the power to make you feel more rested and sleep better, waking up without the sense of fatigue and tiredness.

3. Snake plant

Snake Plant

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue as it is often referred to as is a plant that produces lots of oxygen and can provide freshness to your home. The plant is extremely low maintenance and considering a NASA study put it on the list of the 12 air improving plants, this one certainly deserves a place on our list.

4. Aloe Plant

Aloe Plant

Aloe is often used to alleviate the effects of burns and scarred tissue and has been known for its powerful detoxifying features which allow it to destroy negative chemicals in your body as well as those found in cleaning agents and purify the air of your bedroom. If your bedroom has a high concentration of dangerous chemicals, Aloe Plant actually starts showing brown spots, which will let you clearly know that the situation is alarming.

5. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Another one of the NASA’s list of air purifying plants, Golden Pothos is yet another natural air purifier which will do a great job of keeping your bedroom nice and cozy. Golden Pothos is a wonderful hanging plant and its drapes of cascading wines will give a great look to your bedroom as well. These plants are low maintenance and do not require too much sunlight meaning they are perfect for just about any bedroom and just about any owner.

6. English Ivy

English Ivy

Another plant on NASA’s list of air purifying plants is English Ivy which is extremely effieient at absorbing and removing formaldehyde from the air of your home. English Ivy is easy to grow and maintain and does not require lots of sunlight or other types of attention. The plant is one of the finest natural sleep inducers and everyone should have one in their bedroom.

7. Jasmine

Jasmine plant

Jasmine is a proven natural aid for sleeping as proven by a study of the Wheeling Jesuit University. This study proved that Jasmine in your bedroom can help you get better sleep, decrease the anxiety and improve your mood in the mornings. Jasmine is also beautiful to look at and smells really nice, which means your bedroom will get a very nice overall feel. Jasminum Polyanthum is one particular type of Jasmine that is easy to take care of and smells really great while being a great natural sleeping aid.


8. Red Edged Dracaena

Red Edged Dracaena

The Red Edged Dracaena is a beautiful and highly decorative plant that will cover lots of space in your bedroom and will help in a variety of ways. The plant removes various toxins from the air including formaldehyde and xylene and if you provide it with enough sunlight needed for growth it will grow huge and be a wonderful natural detoxifier for your space. The plant does require quite a bit of maintenance though, so make sure you are committed before buying it.


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