8 Tips To Find The Best Breast Lift Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is something that you should not take lightly. There are so many patients who have been through it in the past and it has changed their lives. The choice of the best breast lift surgeon is something that will impact your life for so many years even after the surgery has been done. Because of this reason, you need to be very keen on the kind of surgeon that you choose for this procedure.

A successful surgery will, in fact, make you feel happier and live confidently for so many years. If the procedure is not carried out effectively, however, there is the risk of damage not just to your body, but also to your confidence and the financial loss associated with plastic surgery breast lift. This is why most patients prefer to have their breast lift done by professionals and not surgeons who are just starting out.


It takes a lot of time for you to get a really good surgeon who has the experience to help you get the best results so far. You will need to consider talking to some doctors before you do that so that they might even recommend a good surgeon to you. Once you have a good list of alternatives, look at their practices and their facilities, then compare what each surgeon is offering you before you select the one who will meet your needs accordingly.

Board Certification

There is a misconception in the cosmetic surgery industry, that the governments usually follow the practitioners through the medical boards to make sure that they are qualified to carry out the procedures that they do. This is however not the case. In fact, the government does not necessarily mandate the best breast lift surgeon to have been specifically trained in the surgical operation that they will want to carry out on you.

The bigger problem here is that because of his reason, there are so many doctors who have joined the cosmetic surgery industry for the sake of profits, having realized that they can earn quite a fortune in the process. These are doctors or even medical personnel who might not even have the capacity to carry out a successful surgical operation.


Because of this, as a patient you need to spend as much time as possible looking for relevant information on the plastic surgeon breast procedure before you can agree to go under the knife in their care.

The following are some of the most important things that you need to look for when you are searching for a surgeon to perform a breast lift for you:


While you might find a surgeon who is able to deliver in terms of cosmetic surgery, you have to make sure that they are competent in the particular breast lift surgery procedure that you need. There are different specialties that surgeons have in cosmetic surgery, so it is important that you pay attention to their individual strengths.

To have the right cosmetic breast lift, make sure that you choose a board certified surgeon. Other than that, ensure that the surgeon you choose has lots of experience in the surgical operation you are looking for.


In case you manage to sit down with the best breast lift surgeon to discuss the procedure, you can also take this opportunity to ask them any of the questions that you have in mind, which will help you get the right perspective about the services that they are offering. Here are some of the questions that you need to consider asking them:

  • Ask your surgeon how they trained in the procedure that you need
  • How long have they been performing the operation?
  • How many times have they performed the procedure recently?

Aesthetic consideration

It is a fact that a lot of people differ in their opinions regarding aesthetics. In fact, what appears to be beautiful to another person might not necessarily be beautiful to the other. Because of this reason, make sure you have a discussion with the best breast lift surgeon about whether or not they share the sense of aesthetic consideration that you do.

Remember that you cannot just trust the recommendation of a specific cosmetic breast surgeon from your friend, or the experience of the surgeon. What matters most is that you take a careful look at the results that each surgeon has produced over time before you can use this to influence your decision to have them operate on you.

Importance of comparison

Having taken the time to visit or interact with a number of surgeons, you probably have so much information at your disposal. It is important that you take time and read through this before you can be in a good position to make up your mind on safe breast surgery.


Ideally, whichever result you are looking for is supposed to be something that appeals to you at a personal level. Spend some time in front of a mirror and carefully examine yourself. Think about the procedures that you need, and some of the results that you would have just discussed with the surgeons. Do you think that the results look like anything you would love to resemble when it’s all said and done? The answer to this will greatly influence your decision on whether or not you should go ahead and have the surgery done by that particular surgeon.

Consistency of results

Another issue that you have to look into is the consistency of the results you are looking for. The best breast lift surgeon will perhaps have some information to present you with, for their past clients, but that does not mean this is what you will get.

For surgical breast operations, you are supposed to look at some of the patients that have a breast shape and torso model like the one you have. Look at the photos of such patients in their before and after photos, so that this can give you a good idea of the way the surgeon will tailor the procedure for you to get the results that you desire. Whatever you settle on, it has to meet your body type for you to settle on the procedure as the one you are going for and the surgeon.

Connection beyond surgery

Surgery especially cosmetic surgery is a complex procedure. There is a lot that is involved in this, and you will need to make sure that as you interact with your surgeon before, during and after the procedure, you understand one another. Surgery is, in fact, a big deal, and your surgeon could in fact help you with some hints or tips from time to time.

One thing that is mandatory is that you have to make sure you are comfortable with the cosmetic surgeon and their team. You should at least have a connection with them during the visits before and after the operation.

These people will be key in influencing the way results will go for you, so you have to really make sure you are in tandem with them. It would be terrible to be in a position where you cannot really find something to associate with other than the surgery.


The following are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself as you try to figure out whether the best breast lift surgeon will be the best bet for you:

  • How interesting is it spending time with the surgeon?
  • Do you feel you are in a position to trust the surgeon to recommend safe procedures or hints to help you?
  • How comfortable would you be, asking the surgeon questions during the process?
  • Are you comfortable enough disclosing your full medical history and habits to the surgeon? (remember this is not just about disclosing information, but more about your safety)

The operating facility

In as much as there are so many other factors that will come into play with respect to the success of the surgery, one thing that you cannot ignore is the role that the operating facility will play. The anesthetist and the nature of the operating facility will greatly influence the results that you receive from this.

Most of the leading operating rooms all over the world usually have the primary life support systems, just in case things get out of hand and an emergency life-saving procedure is needed. Before the surgeon proceeds, make sure you know where the surgery will be carried out, and the level of accreditation for the facility where your operation will be done. There are common certification modules that you should be on the lookout for, such as:


Consider the qualifications of the breast surgeon anesthetist. To be on the safe side, it is always wise to make sure that you get either a Board Certified Anesthesiologist or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) administering the anesthesia in your case.

Customer service

In as much as this is a surgical procedure, do not ignore the importance of good customer service. In fact, you have to make sure that the best breast lift surgeon and the entire team does cater to your needs accordingly.

The staff has to be helpful, friendly and provide all the materials that you need to know the risks involved in the procedure, the realities, and possibilities.

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