8 Vitamins And Minerals To Supplement For Optimum Health

The best way of introducing nutrients to your body is through a healthy diet, but the reality is it can be difficult to get everything your organism needs into it through a normal diet. This is why dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals and mixed supplements can greatly help your organism’s health. Taking such supplements can be a great first step in prevention of diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or various nutrient deficiencies. As such you should consult your physician as to what supplements you should be taking and after some testing they will be able to tell you the exact nutrients your body is missing. What is more, taking multivitamin pills is good for just about anyone and everyone should feel the benefits of taking a good multivitamin. Here is the list of 8 most important vitamins and minerals that may need supplementing in your diet.

Vitamin K2

vitamins1Vitamin K2 is one of those you may have not heard of but it has a variety of beneficial effects in your body. Vitamin K2 works hand in hand with Vitamin D and Magnesium to regulate calcium, by moving it along the body and removing it from the places it is not meant to be in such as arteries and other soft tissues. While the purpose of helping Calcium move may seem as not that important, it is actually one of the most crucial processes in our bodies that needs to flow well in order for us to keep good health of our bones, hearts and other parts of our body. Fermented foods such as cheeses of yogurt contain plenty of Vitamin K2 and getting Vitamin K2 supplementation will ensure your Calcium is doing its job well.


vitamins2Omega-3 is one of the most important nutrients people often don’t get enough of as it is not present in too many foods. Omega-3 is especially beneficial for the elderly who have issues with cardiovascular health as it is very efficient in combating such diseases and conditions. Omega-3 works to regulate the levels of cholesterol triglyceride which prevent out blood from clotting and it is also beneficial for brain health. For younger generations it has been seen having a significant effect battling ADHD, the condition that more and more kids nowadays are being diagnosed with. Omega-3 is best introduced through food like fish oil or dietary supplements.

Vitamin C

vitamins7One of the oldest antioxidants out there, Vitamin C is also perhaps the most well-known micronutrient out there, which has been used to improve immunity and battle colds and flu since just about always. More recent studies into its use for cancer patients also showed that it can help improve their quality of life and the vitamin has been known to remove harmful toxins from our bodies and cleanse our bodies. The best dietary source of Vitamin C is of course the citrus fruit such as lemons and oranges, or their juices. If you are not getting enough Vitamin C or your health condition requires you to get even more, Vitamin C supplements are available all over the place at affordable prices.

Vitamin D

vitamins3Perhaps the most important dietary supplement Vitamin D has been shown in recent research to greatly cut cancer rates. Some studies have claimed it to decrease the chances of cancer developing by 50% and other than that it has also shown great uses in combating heart issues and bone weakness. Adding Vitamin D to Vitamin C in your die will help you battle common cold or flu even more effectively and you can get Vitamin D from eggs, livers, mushrooms or fish. Another way to get Vitamin D in your body is by spending time in the sun which will cause your skin to generate its own Vitamin D. Supplementing Vitamin D and C is especially beneficial during flu season, but there is no bad time to add more of this vitamin to your diet.

Vitamin E

vitamins4Another powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin E greatly boosts our immune system and has a vital role in combating cancerous cells. Vitamin E has also been brought into connection with eye health, combatting obesity and even fight of the likes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Organic nuts such as almonds or walnuts and vegetables like spinach contain a lot of Vitamin E along with a number of other nutrients. Taking extra Vitamin E supplementation is advised for anyone who has immunity or eye health issues, and may also be beneficial for anyone else as it will boost your immunity and possibly help prevent long term mental issues.

Vitamin B

vitamins8There are a number of issues for which Vitamins B6 and B12 are beneficial including coronary and bone health. Lack of Vitamin B12 in your body can lead to bone fractures as well as cause serious fatigue, muscle weakness and bad memory. Vitamin B can be found in a variety of feeds including chicken, eggs, milk and salmon but for vegans it will be difficult to get enough of it through a normal diet. Taking Vitamin B6 and B12 through supplementation is recommended for most people, as we tend to need a lot of it for optimal health and we generally don’t get enough.


vitamins5Zinc is one of the most crucial minerals in our bodies and it is necessary to get enough of it. Zinc and Magnesium are necessary in our bodies to keep Vitamin A and Vitamin D working properly and Zinc also promotes enzymatic reactions crucial to proper body functioning. The enzymatic reactions it promotes fight off infections, cancers and help heal wounds as well as improve our immune systems. For diabetics, Zinc can help regulate levels of insulin while it will also help just about anyone improve memory of combat skin issues. The list of Zinc benefits goes on and on including eye health, healthy sleep and good mood and supplementing Zinc to your diet will never be a bad idea, no matter how your overall health is.


vitamins6Magnesium is another important mineral that is used by practically every single part of your body including muscles, bones, eyes and cardiovascular system. This is why a host of health conditions can be treated and helped by adding more magnesium to your diet. Beans and green vegetables contain lots of magnesium and a lot of dietary supplements contain some amounts as well, as no matter what the supplement is designed to improve, it can use some magnesium in it. According to research 80% of all Americans are deficient in magnesium, which means you should absolutely start supplementing your diet with magnesium as soon as possible.


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