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    7 Amazingly Easy Steps to Achieve True Nutrition

    Achieving True Nutrition

    In the past few decades, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that diet and nutrition plays a significant role in our overall health.  The old saying “You are what you eat” is taken more literally by the day, it seems.   A lack of various nutrients is linked to almost every type of disease and may lead […] More

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    4 Awful Complications Caused by Bladder Stones

    Complications of Bladder Stones Such As an Overgrown Mass

    If you’ve ever had an experience with bladder stones, you’ll know that they’re no walk in the park.  Bladder stones can be extremely painful and may drastically interfere with your regular day to day activities.  In this day and age, almost every illness comes with a long list of treatments.  However, with bladder stones, that’s […] More

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    The Chickenpox Cheat Sheet and FAQs

    Very Bad Chickenpox Rash

    The chickenpox virus has been infecting children for decades, to the point that obtaining the virus has become a tradition in the United States.  When a child in a community first receives chickenpox, some parents have thrown “chickenpox parties” to expose their child to the virus to get it over with while they’re young.  While […] More

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    Who Wouldn’t Get a Chickenpox Vaccine?

    Child receiving immunization for the chickenpox virus

    Raise your hand if you would like to get sick, accompanied with a nice little spotty rash all over your body!?  (If you did, then hold off on receiving the chickenpox vaccine).  I am a middle-aged male and to be honest, I had no idea that there was a vaccine for Chickenpox until just a […] More

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    Viral Meningitis: Bugs in the Brain

    Image of Virus Responsible for Viral Meningitis

    When most of us were children, we all wondered why out mothers constantly nagged us to wash out hands.  What an unnecessary evil, right?  Well, perhaps not.  As we grow a little bit older and wiser – and especially for those of us that pursue careers in the medical field – we notice that anywhere […] More

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    6 Surprising DMAA Powder Health Benefits

    dmaa powder

    DMAA Powder is a central nervous system stimulant that often goes by the name Methylhexanamine HCL, or Geranium Extract, and seems to come with a wide variety of health benefits from nasal decongestion to a possible alternative treatment for ADHD. DMAA Powder is currently available in many workout supplements and can be purchased at a […] More

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    Possible Sustanon 250 Medical Benefits


    Anybody that has a basic understanding of anabolic steroids has probably heard of the ever-popular Sustanon 250 blend, that naturally has a fairly bad reputation due to the 1980-1990s “steroid epidemic”.  But, most probably haven’t heard the other side of the story – that Sustanon 250 could actually provide medical benefits to some through availability […] More

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    Guide to Trenbolone Acetate and FAQs

    trenbolone acetate

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to run faster, jump higher, launch our best friend like a shot put ball – all while having to beat women off of us like an Axe commercial. For those of you that have really tried to get into the best shape possible, you probably know […] More

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    Finding the Best Nootropics for YOU!


    We’ve all waited an hour in a doctor’s office (which seems much longer when you’re sick), just to speak with them for two minutes.  Then, we pay a huge bill on our way out – just for a prescription of a few pills (which aren’t always effective).  The reason we go through this torturous process […] More

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    6 Amazing Benefits of the Sulbutiamine Nootropic

    We’ve all heard about the different forms of Vitamin B that are essential to human life.  These vitamins are essential to life because they’re responsible for the production of neurotransmitters in our brains, they allow us to absorb certain nutrients, and they allow our bodies to metabolize foods and generate energy.  So it’s no surprise […] More

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