A Fight for Better Kids Nutrition

Pediatric Dentistry RI Confirms that Improved Oral Health Depends on Improved Child Nutrition

The dental specialists at Pediatric Dentistry RI tell us that Despite the effort to eliminate sugar and foods high in calories from school lunches, these still dominate the market, even though some restaurants’ voluntary participate in an initiative focused on improving the nutrition of children’s menus. Researchers at Harvard have recently found that there is no meaningful improvements in kids’ menus three years after the “Kids Live Well” initiative that started in 2011.

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Furthermore suggest the oral health experts at Pediatric Dentistry RI , researchers have also found that, while some chains have removed soda as the default beverage choice on children’s menus, they have left  other sugar-sweetened drinks there,  including flavored milk and juice. Researchers suggest that up 80 percent of children’s beverage options contain high levels of sugar. The study, “Trends in Nutrient Content of Children’s Menu Items in U.S. Chain Restaurants,” published online in January in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, also states that  more than one in three children and adolescents consume fast food on a daily basis.

“Although some healthier options were available in select restaurants,there is no sign that these pledges are being met or that they are impacting the population. As dentists, we need to do a better job of engaging restaurants in offering and promoting healthy meals to kids to prevent caries and cavities.

Pediatric Dentistry RI can not stress enough the importance of children eating a balanced and nutritious diet. It is crucial to good oral health throughout life. As parents, or child care professionals, we should focus on teaching kids to eat well, drink water and avoid sugar and starches. This will help promote healthy teeth and healthy bodies.


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