A Look At Different Aspects Of Laser Face Lift

Laser face lift is a type of face rejuvenation treatment option that aims at eradicating or reducing loose skin or wrinkles on one’s face by tightening the skin and underlying tissues of the neck and face. This procedure usually happens when someone ages and starts to lose their face elasticity as well as the volume in the midface. The process ensures that the nose to mouth lines deepen, the cheeks become less prominent, and the jawline to sag so as to allow for the neck skin and jowls to have loose folds.

How does skin laser tightening work?

Skin laser tightening is basically a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that gets powered by an infrared light source that facilitates the tightening of the skin by targeting the heat towards the collagen located under the skin’s surface making the skin to tighten. The results of this procedure can be seen immediately after the treatment with no downtime which makes it a favorite for individuals who are looking to have these types of procedures. For satisfactory results, it’s usually recommended that you get two to three treatments done a month apart.

Is the Cutaneous facelift procedure used these nowadays by many doctors?

The Cutaneous facelift is a traditional facelift treatment that has been utilized in the past years. It’s a treatment aimed at lifting the skin from the underlying tissues tightening it upwards and backward. While it has an effect on the facial aesthetics, it doesn’t have much impact on the deeper facial tissues. As an old time favorite, this nowadays it’s gaining less and less popularity among individuals since there are more efficient techniques that provide more long-term benefits compared to it.

When is laser face lift recommended for patients?

When it comes to laser face lift treatment, you need to put some factors into consideration that will ensure that the treatment is a success. A good candidate for the procedure should have the following:

  • Not be a smoker
  • Should have excellent skin integrity
  • Overall health should be next to perfect
  • One should have localized areas of fat below the chin and the jowl area

These are just some factors that should be taken into consideration before you undertake the procedure as when some of these factors get ignored, it might lead to things like post-surgical infections whether it’s the cutaneous facelift technique or the laser treatment one.

Are laser face lift and Thermage similar?

In many ways, these two techniques are somehow similar as they provide the same end-results. They are both favorites when it comes to minimal invasive alternatives compared to surgeries. They both don’t require incisions for them to be efficient and thus patients don’t have bleeding, bruising or lengthy recoveries after the procedures. Both are also effective in tightening of the facial skin, neck skin, body and even arms.

While they offer similar results, they’re different in terms of their source of power as Thermage uses radiofrequency to establish skin tightening whereas laser face lift uses an infrared light source to perform the task. Both of these methods are reported to have minimal discomfort but show results once the treatment is done.

What are the laser face lift costs?

Laser face lift costs can vary depending on some factors. The area and location that needs the face lift will determine the cost as the bigger the area is, the more you’re likely to pay. The extent of the procedure might also impact the cost of the procedure as at times the process might be more complicated depending on one’s skin, and at times it might also be less complicated. The type of laser used also determines the cost as different lasers have different capabilities. It’s estimated that a facelift can cost you somewhere between $3,000 to 15,000 or even more depending on the various variables.

All in all, laser face lift is much cheaper compared to the invasive surgeries.

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