Advantages And Disadvantages Of Huge Breast Implants

After you have made the decision to undergo breast surgery, the next logical question is how big you should go. While it may seem quite appealing to get huge breast implants, you should know that bigger is not always better. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing a huge breast enhancement.

The Advantages of Getting a Huge Breast Enhancement


  • Increased patient satisfaction -You will be happy with the results achieved, which will lead to more satisfaction in your life. This will make you much happier and content with your body image, which will spill over positively to other areas of your life.
  • Enhanced body contour – A bigger bust will make your bust line more visually distinctive. If you have always desired to have an hour glass figure, getting a bigger bust line can make this possible.
  • If you are bottom heavy, increasing your bust size will help to balance out your body structure and make your shape more visually appealing.
  • Avoid repeat surgery – Most women who have a boob job tend to suffer from boob greed. This is the desire to even go bigger. If you go big right from the start, you will do away with the need to undergo another surgery to even go bigger.


The Disadvantages of Huge Breast Implants


  • Physical pain and discomfortBig breasts are heavy and may put excessive pressure on your neck and chest. This might prevent you from engaging in vigorous exercises, such as swimming after you get huge breast implants.
  • Obviously fake – If you go too big, your body might look disproportionate and your boobs will look quite fake. Most women do not want other people to know that they have undergone surgery, so getting a big breast augmentation might be a dead giveaway.
  • Not right for slim women – If you have a small body frame, big breast implants will make you look disproportionate and unattractive, which is likely the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.
  • More prone to rupture – Big implants are much more likely to rupture compared to smaller implants.
  • More likely to require corrective surgery later on – This is due to a number of things. For instance, if you go too big, you might decide to have a breast reduction surgery. Also, bigger implants are likely to result in bottoming out of the breasts, which will need to be corrected.
  • Higher degree of side effects – You might feel sorer, nauseated and the pain might be more intense and last a little bit longer than someone who got smaller implants.
  • Higher likelihood of experiencing complications. This includes nipple numbness, stretch marks, getting thin skin due to the skin stretching to support the massive implants and droopiness among others.
  • A big incision, will result in a big scar – A big incision will be necessary to insert the huge breast implants.


Since big is relative, it is essential that you talk with your surgeon to determine how big is big when you are looking to get big fake boobs.

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