Advantages And Disadvantages Of Massive Breasts

Full boobies can turn out to either be a blessing or a curse. This is regardless of whether you are naturally a well-endowed person or you have had a boob job done.

Having massive breasts can make your life better in the following ways:


  1. You will look more feminine. Good looking big breasts will bring out your gorgeousness and make you look all soft and curvy.
  2. You will attract a lot of male attention. Guys are naturally drawn to big breasts, so they will be an instant attention grabber when you are dealing with men.
  3. If you are in the service industry, expect a lot of favorable responses from men, since a lot of men will try to get on your good side. You may end up landing more deals or getting more tips.
  4. You will have cleavage. This can transform even the simplest of dresses and make it look awesome. You will look really good in tight dresses and cardigans.
  5. Your clothes will fit more snugly, which will help to flatter your body shape and make you look good.
  6. Getting bigger breasts may make you feel for sensual. This can boost your self confidence.
  7. You can flaunt your body during summer months when you go to the beach. Fuller breasts look really attractive in bikinis.
  8. If you are married or if you are in a sexual relationship, massive breasts can make you feel more sexual and give you more confidence in bed, when you are with your significant other. This will significantly improve your sexual life, especially if your man is into huge breasts.
  9. Some people view having bigger breasts as a sign of fertility. This will cause you to attract more mates. If you have the hormones necessary to grow a big breast size, it is taken as an indication that you have a healthy reproductive system.
  10. Having a big bust can increase your physical presence. This will make you stand out in most situations. You can use this to your advantage to get the attention that you need.
  11. Having a big bust gives you the advantage of being able to breastfeed your child well. This can be a challenge to women who have flat nipples. Being able to breastfeed your baby will increase the chances of your baby being healthy.
  12. You can flatter your cleavage more by wearing statement neckpieces. This will make you look more elegant.
  13. You can get yourself a lot of little favors in life by taking advantage of your massive breasts. For instance, you can have someone else pay your tab when you are in the bar or get a lot of free things other people probably won’t get away with.
  14. The adipose tissue contained in big boobs can help to keep you warm. This is great for cold months since you will have natural body heat.
  15. Your boobs are soft and pillowy, so you will give nice and warm hugs. Most people won’t mind hugging you.
  1. The adipose tissue in your breasts can help you float when you are swimming.


Here are some of the downsides you will face:

  1. If you are a naturally shy person, you may not appreciate all the attention that your boobs will attract.
  2. It can be a challenge to find bras that are quite comfortable and offer you the support that you need.
  3. Carrying out vigorous activities like jumping jacks or running can be quite uncomfortable. This might lead you to withdrawing from active sports, particularly if you can find well fitting sports bras.
  4. Your massive breasts might not always look perky
  5. You could end up exposing more cleavage that may be appropriate in a situation, for instance, at work. This requires that you be careful how you dress.
  6. There are some dress styles that mainly suit small breasted women, but not women with big boobs, such as strapless bras or button up shirts.
  7. It’s hard to stay braless if you have bigger boobs. This means that you have to wear a bra most of the time. This can be quite uncomfortable.
  8. A lot of things can fall into your cleavage. For instance, when you are eating, breadcrumbs and popcorns can find their way into your bra. It can be quite disconcerting to try and reach down your bra when you are in public, in an attempt to clean yourself up.
  9. You can get cleavage acne


Does that mean that you should get massive breasts if you are a small breasted woman?

Not every woman wants to have large boobs. But if you are considering undergoing surgery to increase the size of your breast, consider several factors first. You also have to think about several ways that you can achieve this goal, either through cosmetic surgery, using supplements or other natural methods.

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