Aging People Require Additional Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D Keep Teeth Strong Say Dental Implant Recovery Experts

You may not be as healthy as you think say Dental Implant Recovery experts.

So you think you are healthy. You don’t have arthritis, and so you dont need calcium, right? You couldn’t be more WRONG. Calcium is an essential mineral for your teeth. Both calcium and vitamin D protect you against arthritis and bone loss. By supplementing your diet with calcium and vitamin D you can keep your bones strong, but also keep those teeth beautiful over the course of your life. However, even the supplementing of calcium and vitamin D does not make up for a lack of flossing or a regular visit to the dentist. Remember that as you age, your risks for losing teeth also increase. Vitamin supplements can help you keep your teeth long into old age.

Just because you take vitamin supplements, does not mean you can forego good oral hygiene habits. You need to brush and floss regularly, using the techniques offered by your dentist. Note that as you age, your risk for losing teeth also rises.

Dental implant recovery experts tell us that studies now show that calcium and vitamin D help maintain bones strong,  but dental experts were unsure until recently of the effect on tooth loss.

Today, after analyzing the results of many studies, dental experts are sure that calcium and vitamin D play a crucial role in keeping natural teeth healthy. Dental implant recovery dentists now tell us that recent research show that people who take supplements have a 40% better chance of keeping their teeth over a longer period of time.

Dental implant recovery experts say that tooth plaque is a problem for people o all ages, but it seems to be prevalent in some older adults. We seem to have an aging population that is getting cavities at twice the rate of teen-agers.This is because of receding gums and the increased activity of bacteria due to this issue.  Unfortunately, this may also be the side effect of using certain medications for chronic conditions.

The medications tend to cause dry mouth which increases plaque. This is just one more reason for it being so crucial for older adults to take calcium and vitamin D supplementation as well as perform their oral hygiene regularly.

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