An Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me: What to Do Before You Call?

I have to find an emergency dental clinic near me. You are so nervous about what happened that you cant even think straight.

We understand how you feel and that is why we offer this information so you won’t have to go crazy when you are trying to find the solution to “an emergency dental clinic near me.”

A dental emergency can be a very scary experience! It only happens once and when you significant pain it can be hard to make a decision. The truth is you don t really want to have to find an emergency dentist near you, and finding one can be frustrating. But before you get too nervous make sure you follow a few safety precautions first.

If you have chipped or broken a tooth, be sure to save any pieces of tooth that have fallen out. Note that your dentist may need to see these. Ward off the pain with an analgesic like Tylenol.  Then you can start looking for that “emergency dental clinic near me.”

Is it a Real Emergency

You need to ask yourself whether this is a real dental emergency. iIf the pain is intense and won’t go away then you do need to call, but if it is an intense pain that just lasts for a an hour or two you might be able to minimize the pain with over the counter pain killers after a few minutes. This gives you time to make a regular appointment with your dentist. Remember that a visit to an emergency dentist can and probably will be more expensive.  Some signs that you have an emergency dental problem might be:

  • Pain in teeth that just won’t go away.
  • Is there an abscess. This is an infection, but quite serious. Check to see if you feel or see a bump that could be filled with puss. Usually, this is painful that is continuous and has been going on for some time.
  • Did something happen and now you have something stuck in your teeth that you t you cant remove
  • You might have had a filling fall out and this can cause intense pain
  • Are you having some teeth bleeding that won’t  stop?
  • Do you have a lost or broken tooth?
  • If you are bleeding profusely or have severe pain; if you start running a high fever, then  you want to call your local medical emergency number or go to the hospital.


Wash Your Hands Before You Do Anything Else

Before you start looking for an an “emergency dental clinic near me,” you want to wash your hands before you put your unsanitary hands in your  mouth. If you start poking around in your mouth with unclean hands you also risk causing  If you have knocked out a tooth or have an abscess or open wound, dirty hands can cause an infection.


Don’t Panick

Although you might feel anxious it is important that you remain calm and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds before running them over your teeth.

Save the Pieces

New dental technology allows form many new innovations we did not have before.

It’s possible to save a broken tooth but you have to keep the pieces and ensure that they remain moist suggest the experts at 7 day dental.  You can place the tooth in a box or other small carton that can keep the tooth moist with cotton steeped in milk.  You can also use saliva to keep the broken tooth moist. Avoid using water.If you have found a good emergency dental clinic near you, and have made an emergency appointment you may even want to keep the pieces in your mouth to keep them moist.


Place the Whole Tooth Back in Your Mouth

If the entire tooth came out put it back  in your mouth. Your best chance of saving it is to get it back into your mouth as fast as possible. This will keep it from getting dry. Just keep the sharp edges from cutting into your gums. Do it quickly as the blood in the socket may clot and cover up the hole. There is only a short time in which the tooth root can remain alive.


Be sure to handle the tooth carefully and avoid touching the roots. Rinse it quickly and place it softly back into the socket. Keep it there until you get to the emergency dental clinic. This may be uncomfortable but it is only an hour or two until you can get into that emergency dental clinic near me.

Baby Teeth Are Different

You do not have to worry so much if the tooth that came out is a baby tooth. 7 day dental recommends that if the tooth that came out is a baby tooth, you do  NOT need to replace it in the socket. In fact, if you do you might damage the other permanent tooth that is coming in. If the bleeding worries you, you can control it by applying pressure with a cotton ball or gloves. Apply direct pressure for 10 to 15 minutes and apply clean cloths if the bleeding is profuse.


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