Answers To Common DCI Plasma Questions

DCI plasma is one of the leading blood plasma donation centers in the country. Donors have to schedule an appointment for a plasma donation drive, in the same way, you do with Biolife or Grifols. When donating plasma for cash, there are questions that you might want to get an answer to, which are elaborated herein.

How does DCI plasma pay my money?

The cash you earn from plasma donation is credited to your VISA debit card each time you make a successful plasma donation. You can also visit the Payments & Rewards page online to get more information on your payments.

Most of the donor centers these days have loyalty programs to reward and recognize the effort by repeat donors. Most of these programs have donors earning points or tiered rewards each time they donate plasma. These can be redeemed at select outlets. You can also get gift cards. This is a way of these companies saying thank you for your effort in making a difference in the lives of other people, other than paying you for your contribution.

What is DCI plasma donation and how safe is it?

The liquid part of the blood that contains platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells is plasma. It is primarily made up of proteins and water. Given the high content of protein in plasma, it is used in the production of medicines that save lives. Patients who benefit from these medicines include people who have undergone traumatic experiences, those who are fighting infections, people with bleeding disorders, those whose immune diseases hamper their blood’s ability to clot and so much more. Through your DCI plasma donation, you will be helping such patients get a second chance at life.

You can donate blood plasma at any of the DCI plasma centers all over the country. You can find out more about their location from the official website. Everything that comes into contact with your blood is sterile and only used once for your donation. There are strict guidelines that are followed by the staff to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout plasmapheresis. The safety guidelines are set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How do I donate at DCI plasma?

Having passed the medical history screening and relevant medical tests, you will be attended to by a phlebotomist. A sterile needle is inserted into a vein in your arms to draw blood. The blood will be cycled through a centrifuge to separate plasma from the rest of your blood. This is a safe and sterile procedure. Once your plasma is harvested, the rest of the blood is returned to your body. This is what is referred to as plasmapheresis.

What are the side effects of DCI plasma donation?

For all the years DCI plasma donation centers have been in operation, there have not been any serious side effects reported. The use of state of the art technology and highly trained staff contribute significantly towards this accomplishment.

However, donors who have a phobia or inherent fear of needles might have a difficult time through the process. There are donors who, out of stress or other psychological reasons, their veins will not be visible. It might take a while before you donate, but only after you have calmed down.

In most cases, you will only have a small bruise on your arm at the point where the needle was inserted into your body. Similar to blood donations, you might feel light headed or dizzy after donating plasma, but this should go away after a few minutes. After all, the rest of your blood is returned to your body after the plasma has been removed.

How to prepare for DCI plasma donation

To increase your chances of having a successful donation at DCI plasma, make sure you eat properly, drink a lot of fluids especially water or natural juice. For actively healthy people, keep up your normal life. Avoid stressful situations before you are due for plasma donation.

If you are an alcoholic, you should avoid drinking on the day before you have a donation appointment. Try and avoid smoking also. Make sure you do not eat food that contains a lot of fat. This gives your blood plasma a milky appearance, and you will definitely not be allowed to donate on that day.

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