Antique glassware through history

With the term of glassware we can define every glass product used by the households and objects from the catering industry. Before we introduce you about antique glassware I will tell you something about the beginnings of glassmaking. Glassware objects have been made from the period of Bronze age and after the technique of glass blowing was invented, wonderful pieces of glassware objects have been made. This is the category of antique glassware. Production of glassware objects has been conducted in many countries like Venice, England, Germany and many other countries. There are many antique glassware collectors in the world. In these antique shops people can find any antique glassware they are interested in.


Why do you need antique glassware?

Antique glassware is mostly used as a decoration in homes or in other places like offices, restaurants, shops. As mentioned before antique glassware people collect them for their personal collections or to resell them in their antique shops. It is very important that the collector has knowledge about antique glassware because there are some newer glassware products that could be very similar with the antique ones. Glass is the most versatile material, because it can be shaped in many forms, such as long and graceful, swirling, colorful. Be sure that by using antique glassware as a decoration in your home, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. The world’s most beautiful antique glassware product is Portland vase which is made of Roman cameo glass, and it currently is shown in the British museum of London. This sample was made in Ancient Greece.

Types of antique glassware

There are several types of antique glassware. I will tell you something more about each of them. Green antique glassware is mostly used because it can be incorporated in every detail of your home or office decor. As mentioned before in this article Venice has a very long history in glass making. The beginnings date around 1250 year. Venice was the first and most dominant glass producer by the 16th century. The famous antique glassware named Murano glass was produced in this country by Angelo Barovier of Murano. Other type of glass is opaque white lattimo glass, also called milk glass. This glass was used for designing drinking glassware. Another type of antique glassware is Millefiori glass which translated in English would sound like ‘thousand flowers’. It is made of tiny rods which are joined in flower formations and later they are fused into canes before the process of glass blowing starts. Latticinio consists of enameled threads which are embedded in the glass before it is blown.


Where can you find antique glassware?

Antique glassware can be found in antique shops, online auction sites, Amazon. There are many websites who are selling antique glassware. But beware of scammers. If you are not familiar with antique glassware we suggest visiting some of the websites that offer more information. They are well established and are definitely not scammers.

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