Artecoll Side Effects, Risks, and Benefits

Artecoll is one of the most effective filler solutions for acne scars. The filler is mostly available in European, Canadian, and Mexican markets. Artecoll solution is made up of 25% of polymethyl methacrylate and 75% beef collagen, the same substances that are used in various cosmetic procedures for bone repair and dental procedures. The product is also used in filling folds, scars, and wrinkles in some areas.

How Does Artecoll Work?

The product works in a very different manner from other filler products. For instance, Botox products paralyze the muscles under your skin temporarily in order to prevent the skin from getting wrinkles. With the microspheres of the product, beef collagen is held in place for a long period of time protecting you from any allergic reaction.

The tissues below the skin are triggered to swell by the collagen, and it is later on broken down and absorbed in the body, this creates sufficient swelling to eliminate any wrinkle or a scar. The results are visible from 3 to t months.

How Long Does the Artecoll Treatment Last?

Unlike other fillers that have to be repeated after every 3 or 4 months, it is not the case with this product. Artecoll can last for up to 5 years, but it does not prevent the formation of new wrinkles once you are exposed to the sun too much.

Can Anything Go Wrong With this Product?

Advertisements indicate that this product has currently been used by more than 100,000 women and men of all ages across Canada, and it’s only 100 of them are reported to have suffered from granuloma side effects. In this particularly isolated case of granuloma, too much inflammation is generated by the product, and the skin generates a knot, a lump, or a small area of skin discoloration that has to be surgically eliminated or treated with an anti-inflammatory drug.

Although it is possible to have a systemic or serious reaction to the product, a responsible practitioner will always give you a test injection in order to check whether you have an allergic reaction to this treatment. It is advisable to ask for the test injection before having the actual treatment.

How Comes this Treatment Is Not Available in the United States?

According to the clinical trials conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, it was concluded that the Artecoll got better results than any other product in the market. The challenge was that out of the 126 patients that were engaged in the trial, 8 of them suffered moderate to mild lumps after using it. This translates to 1 in 15 individuals compared to 1 in 1000 in Canada. One of the patients who suffered from granuloma had received an injection on the lip – an unapproved use of the drug.

Out of the 267 patients, only one had to undergo an operation in order to remove the areas that were affected by the product in the American trials, but the FDA thought these effects were a little bit high. In the same trials, the product is said to have caused persistent rashes and swelling that would never disappear, oozing from injection in 26 patients, and flu-like symptoms in less than 10 patients.

What’s Artecoll’s Alternative Treatment in the Local Market?

  • Laser resurfacing. One disadvantage of getting this treatment is that it doesn’t eliminate all scars, for example, ice-pick scars.
  • Bovine collagen injections. This product is made from cow tendons. Bovine collagen treatment works in a similar manner as Artecoll.
  • Human Collagen injections like Fascian or Cymetra. These products have been made from products extracted from the human cadavers.
  • Injections of your fat. In this procedure, the surgeon extracts fat from your fat belly or lips and injects them into the scars.

Of course, you can temporarily hide the scars with makeup. And you can still use Artefill, although it’s not also officially permitted in the United States.

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