Bad Breath Goes Hand in Hand with Oral Diseases

Almost  75 percent of people who have bad breath do so because of problems in the mouth. This is a fact that most people don´t realize. When you have consistent bad breath you need to visit your dentist to see what is causing the problem. Sure, there are other causes which include acid reflux problems, sinus problems and periodontitis, says the 1Dental team. The primary factors in successfully getting rid of bad breath is finding where the cause is located. When you and your dentist find what the cause of the problem is you can find a way to relieve the bad breath. 

The following can be the causes of bad breath:

  • Odorous foods – foods that are odorous when consumed. These might be something like garlic and onions, or beverages like alcohol and even coffee.
  • Bad oral hygiene – When you do not brush or floss adequately food debris is left in your mouth and it causes bad breath
  • Dentures – When dentures are not cleaned daily, foods that get stuck in these can cause  plaque.
  • Tonsils – there are small areas and little spaces in the tonsils that can hold food debris and this causes bad breath.
  • Respiratory problems – throat, sinus and lung infections
  • Dry mouth – This can be a problem with saliva or the salivary glands, but can also be caused by certain medications you take.
  • Severe cavity infection. This can cause a critical stale breath because the infection is pus filled and putrifying.

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If you think that any of the above causes are the result of your bad breath, you should first see a dentist. If the problem is not a dental one, but caused by the foods you eat then consult with a doctor who can work with you to make changes to your diet, or prescribe medication.

When the problem is caused by poor oral hygiene, consult with your dentist on ways to improve the gum disease and oral hygiene habits you can implement at home. 

Even so, the professionals at 1Dental suggest that although some issues are not dental related, it is your dentist who can specify what type of medical professional you should see.  

Take note that a large part of the population in America is suffering from dry mouth, and this is often a result of taking medications for other health related issues.  In some cases diseases such as cancer or even salivary gland dysfunction can cause the problem.  If this is your case, you need to consult your dentist for a professional recommendation suggest experts at 1Dental. You also want to ask about any use of prescription or over-the-counter products that can alleviate dry mouth symptoms.

If you have diabetes or other conditions, you want to see your physician first to make sure the mal odor is not a result of your medical condition.

Note you should visit your dentist regularly to get a regularly cleaning as this will remove bacteria and plaque that can also cause bad breath. 

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