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Becoming a dentist

While it can be said that almost nobody wants to go the dentist, there are quite a few people that would like to become one. A dentist, or a dental assistant, or a dental technician is a noble profession and the purpose of dentistry is to help people, releasing them from one of the strongest aches one can feel – toothache. There are many popular jokes these days that imply that dentists are aren’t doctors. But, we all know they are only jokes, because the dentists are one of the most important doctors, even though we are not always keen on visiting them. The dentist is a doctor who is dedicated to diagnosing, preventing and healing illnesses of the teeth, the gums and other organs and tissues inside the oral cavity. For a person to achieve a degree for a dentist, which is either Doctor of Dental Medicine, or Doctor of Dental Surgery, s/he has to complete 8 years of professional education, plus the additional exams in order to get the needed licenses. These exams are different in different states.


Focus on science and health courses

If you are one of the youngsters interested about becoming a dentist, you should know that there is a long way ahead of you. The first thing you need to do is to study hard enough and make sure you have high grades, especially at math, physics, chemistry, and of course, the health courses. Some colleges and faculties have a specially designed program for dentists-to-be. This program usually lasts four semesters. Try to find out which institutions offer such programs and think which one would be the most suitable for you! Once you choose the suitable schooling institution for you, make sure that you apply on time and that you won’t miss the deadline. Once you get in college study even harder, especially on the subjects that are directly connected to dentistry.

Always study hard!

Studying in college is one thing; sure, it gives you the necessary theoretical basis in order to become a dentist. But you have to make all the necessary preparations for continuing your professional education. In order to do that you have to get in touch with someone at the Dental Association and ask for list of the dentistry educational institutions which are accredited by the Commission. Then, you should start preparing for the Dental Admissions Test. If you already have good grades and you do well on the test, you have nothing to worry about. If you thought that you start working right after you enter dental school, you are wrong. It happens in the last four semesters where you work in clinics, of course, you are supervised by senior dentists. Finally, all you have to do is pass the additional state exams and open your clinic, or start working in some other dentist’s office.

Free dental continuing education

You should know that, even after becoming a professional, licensed dentist, your education and improvement shouldn’t stop as long as you work. Besides taking many additional paid courses, these days you also have the possibility of getting free dental continuing education. The most common form of the free dental continuing education is the online form, i.e. you take the course and the test online.

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