Belly Fat Busters

It is not impossible to get a firm and flat stomach. There are a few tips that can help you deal with your belly bulge. The fat busters listed below will help you feel and look better.

Natural Fat Busters

  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) refers to a group of chemicals found in fatty acids known as linoleic acid. The fat that covers the belly is called omentum. This fat is dangerous because it can cause inflammation in the whole body. As you take in more fat, the fat cells in the omentum do not multiply but they expand and become bigger. Catechin and CLA help in fighting the growth of fat cells and help in shrinking your belly by draining the fat out of the cells.

CLA reduces fat and increases the lean body mass. The catechins also help your body burn fat.  When these two chemicals join forces, they help the body to blast fat from the root.  Catechins can be found in green tea. Take 2 cups of the green tea every morning for it work well.  Before drinking, let the tea sit for about 20 minutes and drink it when it is still warm. You can sweeten the tea with a natural sweetener, if you find it to be too bitter. Take about 3,400 mg on a daily basis. CLA can be found in form of supplements.

  • Snack on pickles to fight bad bacteria.  Pickles can act as fat busters by preventing the harmful build up of bacteria. It also helps in reducing the inflammation in the gut. Bad bacteria can grow in the gut, leaving the lining inflamed and leaky. Bad bacteria increase the amount of fat in the belly.  Choose pickles that have low sodium.
  • You can also use acacia powder. The powder is made from the bark of an acacia tree. Sprinkle the powder in your meals. You will eat less since it is filling.  Take a lot of water with your meals.
  • Choose wet foods as fat blasters since they help your body to flatten. Wet foods flush your system and help in fighting inflammation. Wet foods have low salt content. Wet fruits and vegetables should juice when you cut or bite them. If the food requires water to be prepared or swell, then it is a wet food.
  • You can also use hot pepper jelly as fat busters to rev up your metabolism.  The pepper speeds up metabolism and helps to burn fat. You can have about two tablespoons every morning.
  • Eat fat burning natural foods, which do not have side effects compared to taking pills.  Choose foods with high fiber that are filing and have healthy fatty acids and anti oxidants. These foods include: cherries, high fiber foods, apple cider, protein foods, coconut oils, spices and bone broth.
  • Reduce stress levels by taking red wine daily. When the body is stressed, it stores up more calories. A glass of wine can help you relax. It is full of antioxidants which help in reducing inflammation. All these efforts will be effective when combined with cardio exercises.


Risks of fat busters

If you buy fat loss products where the ingredients are not listed on the label, there is no way of knowing whether there are any harmful products in them. Some products may be labeled wrongly and some of the weight loss products such as herbs are contaminated with bacterial germs, pesticides or toxic metals.  Some people get the fat busters over the counter and this can cause reactions between the products and medication. There is a possibility of the supplements having too much caffeine or stimulants. Caffeine is used for weight loss since it curbs the appetite and increases energy.  Too much caffeine can cause headaches, anxiety, insomnia and diarrhea.

Some weight loss pills used as are thermogenics, which help burn fat that is stored in the body by using the fat reserved as a source of energy. It decreases your appetite for junk foods and gives you more energy.  Fat burners with ingredients such as guarana can cause indigestion, sleep trouble, anxiety, headaches, and blood pressure.   Natural fat burners that are safe include eating foods that burn fat, ingesting probiotics, eating CLA, drinking green tea or grape fruit essential oil.                                                                                                                                                                                     While taking the weight loss products and foods listed above, do not forget to do other complementary things such as, getting enough sleep, about 8 hours in order to control cortisol levels. When working out, give yourself enough recovery time. Ensure that you drink plenty of water and reduce stress so as to control the release of endorphins, cortisol and appetite hormones.

Weight loss pills that have fat busters usually include caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, Garcinia cambogia or ephedrine. The ingredients can help to a certain degree, though they are not meant for everybody. Do not rely entirely on pills instead choose safer methods.

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