Biolife Layton Services And Compensation

Biolife Layton strives to answer any questions concerning plasma donation and how you can get money by donating plasma. Most people find the thought of donating plasma scary and complicated.  Biolife in Layton is one of the biggest plasma collections in the United States and the rewards you get for donating can solve most of your problems.

Plasma can only be found in human beings and cannot be made from the lab. The body needs plasma to function and there are people whose bodies cannot produce plasma, therefore these people need plasma from donors. Their body can’t produce plasma due to problems in their immune system, blood disorders or other health complications.

Plasma donation helps people of all ages, who totally rely on the donations to live a healthy and full life. The donations are used to help those with hemophilia, immunodeficiency, and antitrypsin deficiency.  Plasma donation is a sacrifice that makes a huge difference in the recipient’s life. Biolife Layton helps to meet the huge demand for plasma.


Candidates for Plasma Donation in Biolife Layton

One should be eighteen years and above and should weigh at least 110 pounds. You will need to bring your identification and proof of address. You will then be walked through the process of donation. Then you will have to fill in a questionnaire, give your medical history and take a physical test.  You should not have pierced any part of your body for at least 12 months or have any tattoos. Your level of protein will be tested and they will also check if you are anemic and if you have been exposed to any infectious diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis. The person doing the screening will answer any the questions that you have.


Rewards for Plasma Donation in Biolife Layton

The money you receive for donating plasma in Layton Biolife Centre ranges from $20-$50. If you donate several times the process might take less than 30 minutes, which can translate well to an hourly rate. In Layton, if you donate at least twice a week you can make up to $160-$400 in a month. You should be in good health before making a donation.  The money earned at Biolife Layton center is loaded into a prepaid Visa card and can be used anywhere. The money can also be withdrawn from any ATM or transferred into your bank. The balance can be sent to you by text or you can check the Citi website.

The Biolife Centre in Layton follows strict guidelines that ensure safety, reliability and high standards. The facility has up to 70 beds and over 50 employees. There are about 2000 donations made at the facility every week. You can make an appointment directly from the Biolife website. Before and after making your donation, one is required to increase their protein and iron intake and ensure that they take lots of fluids. The meals that you take before the donation should be well balanced. If you have low iron levels, consider taking multivitamins. The donation of plasma is a low-risk procedure.

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