Biolife Schedule for Plasma Donors

A Biolife schedule is meant for plasma donors. Clients can easily register themselves and make appointments with the use of the Biolife easy scheduler.  The donation of plasma is easy and safe. It helps those who suffer from diseases. Plasma keeps away diseases such as hepatitis, rabies, and tetanus. As a donor, you should know how to use the Biolife scheduler. It is very easy to use the program. Register yourself by giving your email address, password, and location. You can then make an appointment to make a plasma donation.

After registration, you have to log in and book a schedule to donate your plasma. You first have to do a series of tests such as pulse rate, blood pressure, and weight. This is important for the safety of the recipient and the donor.  After logging in, set up your profile and the scheduler will let you know whether you are a good fit or not. This is why you have to take the physical test and the results will determine whether you can be a donor.

Through the Biolife schedule, you can book an appointment by choosing the date and time you would like to visit the donation center. Make sure that you remember the date and visit the center to make your donation and if you are not able to go, just make sure you contact the center to cancel the appointment. If you cannot reach the center, you can ask to be transferred to another center. When the transfer is done, you can make a new Biolife appointment in another center. On the day of your appointment, you will receive an email and you can also set a reminder to remind you. There is also a schedule preference where the system will assist you in choosing the most appropriate date.


Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Use the Biolife Schedule

If you are not able to make an appointment and all the days are marked in red, it means that you are not eligible to make a donation using the schedule.

  • This can happen if you have a medical condition. You can contact the center to resolve this and once you are set, you can make the appointment.
  • It can also happen if you have more than two donations in a week in your Biolife schedule. For safety purposes, you need to have a break of at least seven days. The system will help you choose the best time for the donations.  You can only donate twice a month.
  • You have to book your Biolife slot for donation within six months. If you don’t do it in six months, Biolife will ban you. You have to take a physical test after six months since your body might have changed during this period. This is to make sure that you are still an eligible donor.
  • If your physical data is not up to date. You have to renew your date every year before the due date. Before you make a donation, take another physical test.

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