Blood Bank Of Delmarva And Why You Should Get Involved In This Noble Course

Donating blood is a very noble thing to do. Your blood can save thousands of lives and give someone else a chance of survival. Demand for blood in the USA has been quite high in recent years and the blood bank of Delmarva has been doing its part to help address the situation. At the moment, at least 80, 000 blood donations are needed in the Delmarva Peninsula alone. 20,000 patients in the area are in need of blood each year and in order to ensure that this demand is met, blood drives organized by nonprofit organizations as well as the willingness of the public to participate in blood donation is needed. In case you have never given blood before, it’s time to do it and save a life.

What Is The Blood Bank Of Delmarva?

The blood bank in Delmarva is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated towards blood donations. The organization has created awareness programs to sensitize the public on the need for blood donations and has coordinated efforts with local communities to organize blood drives in schools, colleges, and other public places. At the moment, the organization serves over 18 hospitals and continues to encourage more people in the US to be part of this noble course.  The organization is a member of the American Blood Center and would like to get you involved in blood donations drives across the Delmarva Peninsula. You can also arrange an appointment on its website and see how you can start donating blood today.

Who Should Give Blood with the Blood Bank of Delmarva

Even though a big portion of people is qualified to donate blood with the Delmarva blood bank, there are some important tests that need to be done. Ideally, in order for you to donate blood to the blood bank of Delmarva you need to have the following attributes:

  • You must be fit and healthy
  • You must weigh at least 50 Kilograms
  • You must be aged between 17 years old and 66 years old
  • Men should donate blood once every 12 weeks while women can donate once every 16 weeks
  • Additional tests for HIV, Hepatitis, Blood Pressure, and Hemoglobin will be done

How To Donate With Delmarva Blood Bank

In case you are looking to be part of the blood donation course then there are two ways you can get involved with the organization. The first one is simple. Go to its websites, schedule a blood donation appointment and everything will be done from there. However, the blood bank of Delmarva allows you to do more. You can organize a blood drive in your local community. The nonprofit organization will provide the equipment and personnel needed to collect the blood. The only thing you need to do is create sensitization about blood donation and the blood bank nonprofit will do the rest.

Why Should I Donate Blood In Delmarva?

There are so many people who are out there wondering why they should bother donating blood. Well, to begin with, there is a huge demand for blood in the US each year. Patients in hospitals around the country need blood or blood components such as plasma to live and your blood can make the difference. In addition to this, blood banks like the blood bank of Delmarva are often ideal in times of emergencies where urgent blood transfusions are needed. This helps to make sure that people who need blood get it in time to save their lives.  Finally, it is healthy to donate blood. You will lose nothing, just a few minutes of your time. However, this noble act will change someone’s life forever and you can live your life knowing that your blood touched the heart of someone.

Will I Pay To Donate To The Blood Bank Organization?

No, donating blood is free. You just need to schedule an appointment with the blood bank organization and nothing more. When you arrive all the required tests will be done for free and if you become a lifetime member, there are some great benefits to enjoy.

Donating blood is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to save lives. If you have donated blood before, keep going. If you haven’t contact any blood bank in the US and become part of this amazing experience.

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