Breast Augmentation Before and After Surgery

There is so much to know about breast augmentation before and after surgery. The information that is available can be quite overwhelming, especially if it is your first time to undergo the procedure. It is normal to feel anxious when going for the procedure. But if you prepare yourself well the days breast enlargement before and after surgery, you will be relaxed and you will enjoy the experience. Here is some information that you will find useful.

Preparing For Breast Augmentation before and After Surgery

When scheduling your date of surgery let the surgeon know if you will be having your periods around that time since most surgeons do not like operating when a patient is on their periods, there are some who don’t mind though. Some surgeons prefer the patient wear a pad as compared to a tampon during surgery. About 4-6 weeks during surgery stop smoking since it reduces the level of oxygen in the blood and this will delay your healing.

Organize to have someone to take care of you at least 24 hours breast augmentation before and after surgery. This will be important since you might not be able to do some hard tasks and since you won’t know your physical limitations after the surgery. Address any colds or viruses before the day of the surgery, as it can cause your surgery to be rescheduled.  One should be in good health during breast enhancement before and after operation. Get time off work and get someone to help you with the children, housework and any other duties that need you to get physical or drive.  Your caregiver should also be able to give you emotional support and companionship.

Start doing abdominal exercises, as you will need to strengthen the muscles since you will use them a lot after the breast enlargement surgery. A well-balanced diet is necessary for quick and proper healing.  One should also shop around for a bra that they will wear after the surgery. Get something comfortable that you can wear during the first 6 weeks.  You should also inform your surgeon about all the medications, herbs and birth control pills you are taking as they may interfere with your breast augmentation before and after surgery preparation.  The surgeon will probably ask you to stop since they may increase the chances of bleeding and other complications.

Carry loose clothes that you will wear before and after the surgery. You will be given a surgery bra so there is no need to carry one to the clinic. Take photos of yourself so as to document your pre and post breast enlargement surgery. Avoid drinking or eating anything after midnight. Make sure that you sleep and rest well the night before the surgery.

Taking Care of Yourself after Breast Augmentation

Take photos after the surgery so that you will be able to keep track of your progress. Since you will be looking at your new breasts a lot after surgery it will be hard for you to notice the small changes. Take lots of fluid since it will help your swelling go down.  Expect to have mood swings after the surgery; this is caused by the anesthesia, lack of sleep and the pain. The feeling will go away within a short time.

During the first night after surgery, you should not stay alone and neither should you walk around without any assistance. You must have a breast augmentation before and after companion to take you to the bathroom since you will be prone to fainting and hurting yourself.  Make sure that you get plenty of rest, since your body has been through a lot and will need to heal on the inside. You need the energy for healing.  Do not take a shower during the first few days, your surgeon will tell you when to do it. When you eventually do take a shower, the water should not be too hot and make sure that you dry your wounds well. One of the things your surgeon will tell you before and after boob job is that you should not submerge the incisions in water; you should not go swimming or get into bath tubs as this will introduce bacteria and result in infection.

If you start itching which is caused by stretching of the skin, apply some lotion on your breasts but do not apply on the incisions. If you experience any redness, fever, pus, inflammation, flu symptoms, call the doctor since this could be a sign of an infection. Another breast augmentation before and after tip is that you should avoid medications such as aspirin herbs and supplements such as garlic supplements or Brufen for about 2 weeks after the surgery. Consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication or herbal supplement.  Avoid anything with alcohol.

During the first three days you will experience some discomfort but after a while things will get better. In the morning the soreness will be too much but after you move around the muscles will loosen and you will feel better.

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