Breast Augmentation Without Implants Using Lipofilling

You can now get your breasts enlarged without having to get artificial silicone implants fitted into your breasts. One of the most popular techniques that can be used to do this is known as lipofilling. This breast augmentation without implants procedure involves harvesting fat from one part of your body and then injecting it into the breasts, so as to enhance its volume and shape.


The fat that is harvested is normally taken from other parts of the body which have natural fat deposits. This includes the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips, waistline and knees. This fat is then filtered before being reinjected into the breasts. This gives your breasts a natural breast lift.


You cannot inject too much fat into the breasts, since after a certain amount has been injected, the body will start reabsorbing the excess fat into the body. This means that your breast volume can only reach a certain extent. Therefore, do not expect your breasts to get as big as they would have gotten if you were to get implants. It may take several sessions before your breasts get to the size that you want. This might take about three months to get a noticeably bigger bust.


You will have to be admitted in hospital for at least one day when this procedure is done. You will experience moderate pain after the procedure, but nothing that painkillers can’t take care of. You might also experience pain when you resume vigorous exercise.


Even if you are undergoing breast augmentation without implants, it is necessary that you have a follow up with your doctor. This is so that they can monitor your recovery. The doctor will examine you and document your progress. Normally, it takes 2-4 days for full recovery to happen.


Some of the benefits you get by using this method include

  • No incisions or scars on your breasts or other parts of your body
  • No foreign objects inserted into your body, since there are no implants
  • Lower chances of tissue rejection since the tissues used are coming from the same patient
  • Natural appearance of your breast with sensation, unlike if you were to have implants
  • Your skin will have its natural sensation unlike implants, which feel hard to the touch
  • If the doctor you consult is using more advanced technologies, it is possible to store the fat removed from a single liposuction session to be used for future surgeries. This is important for patients who need extensive procedures.


This natural breast enlargement procedure is used by women in various situations

  • Women who have had complications from other breast reconstruction procedures
  • Women who have developed complications after having breast enlargement using other methods , such as implants, or as a result of infection after breast
  • Women who have undergone lumpectomy procedures
  • Women who have undergone mastectomies, either unilateral or bilateral


Research has shown that this procedure is relatively safe to undergo as compared to other breast enlargement methods that are more invasive.

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