Breast Implants Before And After Photos And What They Represent

Breast Implant Placement

One of the most common cosmetic operations carried out in the world is breast implants before and after surgery. From time to time, women find the need to modify their chests in order to either look good or to ward off the threat of breast cancer. This is not just a western idea as most people usually like to think of it, but it is a common occurrence all over the world. It is important for any individual that wants to undergo breast implants operations to at least get to know and understand what types of implants are available and the things that they are supposed to do before, during and after the surgical operation. This is important so that the operation becomes a success, and the individual’s life does not suffer any challenges.

Breast Implant Placement

Different types of breast implants available

There are different types of surgery best breast implants that are available in the market today, so it is important to know which ones they are, and why they are important as compared to the others. Perhaps the most popular type of breast implants before and after are the saline implants. In as much as saline implants are common in the US, they are unfortunately not so common all over the world. Their popularity in the US is as a result of the regulations in place about them with regard to the suspicions on them and health risks that users can be exposed to. Their popularity is therefore as a result of the legal implications, and perhaps not the use. However, the fact that the saline breast implants

Outside the US, silicone breast implants are the most popular with a lot of users. There are so many reasons that make this happen. One of the main reasons for the popularity of these implants is that they have a far longer lifespan as compared to saline implants. Apart from that, silicone implants when compared to the saline implants, usually give the user a better look and actually feel much better too. It is highly unlikely that you will have any negative outcomes when using silicone implants. Some of the negatives that have been associated with other types of breast implants before and after before include a rippling effect or movement in the breast, but with the silicone implants you will not experience this at all.


It is important for anyone who is considering a breast cosmetic surgery to have a lengthy talk with their physician before you take this up. This is with reference to the fact that it is a life changing procedure and you will have to live with the consequences if any.

While you are trying to make up your mind over the best breast implants, there are a number of options that you should look at. Most of the decisions that you have to make will come down to the type of implant, the size and the placement of the implants. These are decisions about things that you could figure out on your own, but it is always safe to get in touch with your physician so that they can help you make the best choice. From their experience, the physician is in the best possible position to make sure that you choose something that will be well worth your time.

Thinking about your size

Of course in the case of implants, the size is usually one of the first things that you have to think about. Most women find themselves with a small frame, and for this reason, they go for implants that will make their current size larger, but not too large for their body shape. For the ladies who are very fit or those who are engaged in sporting activities from time to time, having large breasts can, in fact, give them a less trimmed body, when indeed their bodies are fit. Think about the best size for breast implants before you settle on any procedure.


Size is, therefore, one of the most important considerations when you want to go for the operation.

Type of implant

While a lot of ladies only look at the implants in terms of the size that they are getting, another issue that comes up is the type of implant. You have to think about this because the type of breast implants before and after will have an effect on the price and the end result for the type of implant that you are going to have worked into your frame.

Basically, there are 4 different types of implants available in the market at the moment. Here’s a brief discussion to show you how they compare to one another.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are the most basic type of implant that you will come across. Because of this reason, they are also the cheapest so far even with the best surgeon for best implants. When we talk about saline, we are basically talking about salt water. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is also because of its safety.

The challenge with saline implants is that there is a risk in the implants leaking, and at the same time, they could also lose their volume.


Silicone Implants

At the moment the silicone gel breast implant happens to be one of the most commonly used implants in the market. Silicone is also another safe alternative and another plus for it is that when it is in the body, it actually feels so normal based on the opinions of most of the women who have had silicone implants in the past.

However, silicone implants are relatively more expensive as compared to the saline breast implants before and after, so you should consider this when you have taken a look at the cost too.

Cohesive Gel Implants

This is the type of implant that is normally referred to as the gummy bear implant. The jury is still out on this implant, especially since the FDA tests are currently ongoing.

Structurally, these are silicone best looking breast implants that are relatively thicker than the traditional silicone implants. However, there is a higher cost associated with getting these implants, higher than silicone and saline implants. In fact, on average, cohesive gel implants are more expensive than silicone implants by at least $1000.

Fat Transfer

The fat that is removed from the body through liposuction can be processed and then injected back into the breasts. This is a good option because it is natural, and you do not need to use implants. As a patient, if you only need a small implant, there is no need for you to consider the others. In fact, this would be an ideal option for you.


Fat transfer is also a considerable option in case you are looking to repair some tiny defects. Considering the fact that fat transfer is basically a combination of different procedures, it will cost you so much more than the other options.

You also need to make a decision on where the implant will be placed. The breast implants before and after are supposed to be set either below the chest muscle or above it. If it is placed above the muscle, there is a higher chance that it could be easily visible, and rippling would be more obvious.

On the contrary, recovery for the best celebrity breast implants is much faster and less painful because there is very little involvement of the muscles. Having the implants completely under the muscles, on the other hand, reduces the risk associated with capsular contracture. The implants are also camouflaged better in this way.




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