Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

If you are considering having your breasts enlarged and you have gone to see your doctor, the surgeon will discuss with you the various facets of the plastic surgery procedure. The surgeon will also make use of breast implants before and after pictures during your first consultation.


Before and after photos breast implants refers to the photos of a patient who underwent breast enlargement and obtained good results. The set of images include photos that were taken before the procedure and after the procedure when the bruising and swelling had reduced and healed and the results of the surgery can clearly be seen. The pictures are taken with full consent of the patient for purposes of being shown to new patients.


The sole purpose of the images is to educate new patients about the potential success of breast implants. The images will act as a visual aid as the surgeon explains the procedure to the patient and the potential results will clearly be seen. The pictures should be shown to all the new patients during consultation.


The patient is often required to make decisions such as where the incisions will be placed during the procedure, the position of the implants and the type and shape of implants. This can be hard for the patient to do if they do not have any prior experience with such an operation. Some patients may need a breast lift together with breast augmentation and sometimes it can be hard for the patient to decide what to do. This is where the breast implants before and after pictures come in handy. They will provide more insight to the patient about the results of their decision and this will help the patient make the best decision.


Most patients have an unclear idea about what the procedure can do for them, so seeing the before and after photos is a good way of illustrating the results of the procedure.

Patients should be positive, with a clear mind and realistic goals. The surgeon can then use the before and after photos to ensure that the patient knows what to expect from the procedure and what it can do or cannot do for them. There are patients who have the wrong expectations and even if the procedure turns out to be successful, they end up not being happy. This kind of situation can easily be avoided if the surgeon uses the before and after images. Patients are more likely to be happy with the results achieved if they have realistic expectations.


Availing the photos on the doctor’s website is also advisable, so that the patients can privately view them in their homes before they go to the surgeon for consultation.

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