Brown Sugar Is Not Better For Your Health

The Team at Smile Care Dental Tells Us Why

You want to get healthier so what do you do? Make some substitutes. It is that simple right? Just substitute brown sugar for the white you love so much. You’ll oral and physical health will feel so much better. Well, this is not necessarily true. Dentists at Smile Care Dental say that the best way to improve your oral health is to refrain from eating all types of sugar. Yes, brown sugar may have a few more essential nutrients than white sugar, but it isn’t really all that healthy.

Is Brown Sugar Nutritious?

Smile Care Dental tells us that brown sugar is the same as white sugar and is not really natural in most cases. Many producers simply mix white sugar with molasses to make brown. In some cases,  it may even be real raw sugar, which is also brown, but not good for your teeth either because sugar comes from the syrup that sugar cane produces. Sugar is what is left when the water evaporates. Basically, all sugar is bad for your teeth.

Is Brown Sugar More Natural?

Brown sugar might be slightly better for your health than white sugar, but it is still sugar, and bacteria love it, so it is still not good for your teeth. Brown sugar may offer some nutrients and vitamins, the amount of the vitamins you ingest is very minute and won’t give you important nutritional needs. In the eyes of bacteria, sugar is sugar and it is yummy. We all know that bacteria feed off of sugar of all types, and it is the bacteria that causes cavities. So, as far as your teeth go, even if this sugar is more natural, it causes increased oral bacteria growth, which in turn emits acid byproducts that cause plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis and the chances of getting other health problems. The solution is to avoid sugar of all types.

Calorie Content

Besides, Smile Care Dental also informed us that Brown sugar has approximately the same calories per serving as other sugars. This means it is not a good way to lower your calorie intake.


How Much  is Too Much?

To keep you healthy you simply need to stop ingesting added sugars, whatever color they are, say the experts at Smile Care Dental.


Bottom Line

Smile Care Dental dentists know that it is difficult to give sugar up in its entirety. They do not ask you to eliminate it from your diet. However, you do need to minimize the quantity you ingest. And when you do indulge do so at a specific time. Prevent yourself from constant snacking or sipping of sugary beverages and foods. This is the worst thing you can do for your teeth. Remeber, if you do indulge in something sweet, be sure to brush your teeth afterward.

Dental hygiene can go a long way towards preventing the damage that sugar can do to your teeth. Visit your dentists for regular checkups to ensure that your oral health is in the best possible shape it can be.


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