Can My Dentist Replace Tooth Enamel?

Once It is Gone, It’s Gone say Experts at Adirondack Oral Surgery

The hardest surface in your body is tooth enamel, and you would think that it would no erode. But enamel is susceptible to decay and it is constantly at battle with the things you eat. Tooth enamel is harder than bone say experts at Adirondack Oral Surgery. Enamel is the hardest substance in the bone but it can weaken when you eat too much sugar.  Because of the things we eat, we need to help tooth enamel stay strong and prevent tooth erosion. These are things you can do to prevent this erosion.

Tooth Enamel Erosion

The things you ingest will affect the tooth enamel strength, but it’s not the only thing that weakens teeth. However, there is something else that can also erode your teeth: teet grinding known medically as bruxism. Also, when you take certain medications, this can cause dry mouth which causes erosion,say experts at Adirondack oral surgery.  .

The good news is your dentist can easily identify, enamel erosion because teeth usually change color, can become sensitive and may even chip or break. Once tooth enamel begins to erode and decay, it can cause other issues, say the experts at Adirondack.


Building Up Enamel

Once enamel is gone, it can’t be retrieved. Because it’s impossible for your body to make new enamel, you want to keep it strong and visit your dentist frequently so he can remineralize your teeth more effectively with fluoride products. You can also buy toothpastes that have this naturally occuring mineral to help make your teeth stronger.

Fluoride protects your teeth from erosion say the dentists at Adirondack oral surgery.  If the damage has been done though, there are special enamel rejuvenating products that contain minerals to help add calcium to the weak spots in your teeth enamel.

Erosion Prevention

Can dentists repair weak tooth enamel? Yes, as long as the erosion has not caused a cavity. But you want to focus on prevention as this is the least expensive and most productive way of preserving tooth enamel.

Remember if you have life changing events like being diagnosed with a special medical condition, you need to inform your dentist. It is important say the specialists at Adirondack Oral Surgery because your dentist can prevent the medication from taking a toll on your teeth.


Bottom Line

Make your twice yearly scheduled dental visits and be sure to use fluoride containing toothpastes to rejuvenate your tooth enamel. Be sure to limit or eliminate your intake of sugary foods and sodas. Remember, even the diet soda are bad for your teeth because they have enamel eating acids. If you do consume these be sure to brush your teeth afterward say experts at Adirondack Oral Surgery.


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