Can Tooth Loss Cause Digestive Problems?

Smile Bright Offers Answers

Missing teeth

Is there a correlation between digestive disorders, gum disease and tooth loss? We went to Smile Bright Dental to ask, and along with many other dentists and doctors, they say that there is significant data that demonstrates a correlation.


“The most significant developing association between dental issues and digestive disorders is a result of tooth loss,” say experts from Smile Bright Dental. The person without teeth, especially a person who does not wear a dental appliance such as a bridge or denture, is the most vulnerable to digestive and other health problems. Studies now demonstrate that the food preferences made by people without teeth causes nutritional deficiencies that bring on other health issues.

Denture wearers just cant break down foods  like people with natural teeth. Smile Bright confirms that people who dont have teeth have about one-sixth the chewing efficiency of people who have their their natural teeth. But besides this issue, the evidence also suggests that a lack of teeth causes additional health issues that are brought on by a lowered immune system.

The Inability to Chew Correctly

Other studies also show findings where endentulous people have other health issues that are caused by the tooth loss and the inability to properly chew their food. According to SB, people without teeth show an inability to chew food correctly and this seems to causee gastrointestinal disorders.  Poor chewing also has an association with a decrease in vitamin and natural fiber intake. This is because endentulous people have a harder time in eating hard fruits and vegetables and it is this that can cause a number of gastrointestinal problems.


Is There An Association between Tooth Loss and Diseases Like Cancer and Heart Disease?

Dental research experts concludes that the lower consumption of vegetables and fibers in people with no teeth offers an increased risk in getting cancer or heart disease. In fact, the results of some of these studies show that people without teeth tend to consume more empty calories, high fat,  more cholesterol, than people with most of their teeth.

The Smile Bright Conclusion

Smile Bright Dental wants to point out that most tooth loss is caused by dental disease. In most cases, the dental professional chooses tooth removal as the best option to control the oral disease, however, this also results in further problems that relate to digestive disorders and diseases like heart conditions, high cholesterol, and other issues.

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