Canker Sores – Where Do They Come From?

An Explanation Given by Dental Adventure and Dental Dreams York Pa.


You, your child or someone you love has this horrible canker sore. “Now What?,” you think. “ I have to call in and get a  24 hour emergency dentist.” Actually, this is not that type of situation. Usually a canker sore goes away on it’s own, but you do get that feeling of:

“Oh no! Here comes that big red welt on the inside or outer corner of my mouth, and it’s not the first time either.”

Canker sores just seem to plague you. So much so that you have started to listen to all the wives tales and home remedies out there. ”Don’t walk Barefoot on the floor” they say, “ Do not eat foods that are hot ,” “Be careful, don’t go out into the cold.”  Are any of these things really true? Is that how you get canker sores? With the help of our friends at Family Dentist Spokane, let’s shed a little light on the canker sore and how it occurs to some people more than others.

That being said, the dental professionals at Family Dentist Spokane suggest that simple canker sores are the type of lesion most people get, and they are more common in adults under the age of 40. However, there is a complex canker sore that happens to some people.

What is a Complex Canker Sore?

“This is a canker sore that gets infected,” suggest experts at Family Dentist Spokane. This is when you want to make an appointment with your dentist but you don’t necessarily need to go to the extra expense of going to a 24 hour emergency dentist. You do want to contact your dentist if you develop:

  • Large sores
  • An outbreak of many sores
  • A high level of pain
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • A rash
  • A headache

Dental Adventure experts say that these are all signs of infection and an indication that the canker sore has gotten out of hand. Call your dentist to get him to prescribe medications and to go in for a check-up.


What Causes Canker Sores?

“Scientifically, no one is really sure why these sores occur, say the dentists at Dental Adventure.Unlike other dental problems, canker sores do not have just one specific cause. However, to shed some light on the situation we have listed  5 common reasons for canker sores. 

  1. A deficiency in vitamin intake, say the experts at Family Dentist Spokane

Most of these types of issues are a result of vitamin deficiency. When it comes to canker sores, the specific vitamin is B12. teens and young adults require more vitamins because they are growing and the body demands more nutrients, also young adults are more averse to eating healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are usually not a favorite of the younger crowd.

“So a B12 deficiency is typical in both young teenagers and young adults who suffer from canker sores,” say the dental experts at Dental Dreams York PA. When this is the cause of excessive canker sores. You can take additional B12, or add fruits and vegetables that contain these vitamins to prevent the sores from coming back. Dental Adventure says, “As you know, a canker sore can be painful, but it is usually not dangerous, and does not require you to find urgent dental care.

2. The Food You Eat

Researchers have also found that canker sores may be triggered or caused when there is also a deficiency of  minerals like zinc and folic acid. Deficiencies in calcium can also causes  sores. In some cases, these vitamin deficiencies may not cause the actual sore but can worsen the situation, so a nutritious diet is the best solution for this nutritional deficiency.

3. Stress or Injury to the Mouth

Injury or stress on the mouth tissues can also cause a canker sore. these sores are tiny ulcers and they might appear with any kind of hard tooth brushing  or when you eat something that bruises the inside of your mouth.  “Some people also suffer from injuries from orthodontic dental appliances such as braces,” suggest the experts at Dental Dreams York PA.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

Yes, some fruits and vegetables can cause canker sores. citrus fruits are highly acidic and may cause a canker sore to get worse. “While it may be a high stretch to say that fruits like oranges, lemons and pineapples can cause a canker sore in  themselves, these foods can worsen a canker sore that is caused by stress or damage to the inner mouth, “ say the dentists at Dental Dreams York PA.Strawberries, Tomatoes, figs and apples are some of the foods that you should avoid when you have a canker sore.

5. Poor immune system

When you have an immune system that is in poor condition you may get the sores more often. we do not know what the relationship is, but we do know that when you have a cold and your immune system is compromized you are more likely to get these sores around your mouth.


What Can You Do to Prevent Canker Sores?

While there is no Surefire way to prevent a canker sore from occurring, there are a few medical tips, not folktales to help prevent or minimize the damage of oral canker sores. maintain good oral hygiene practices and ask your dentist 4 tips on  soft brushing techniques to prevent damaging your mouth. if you are wearing braces, Ask your Orthodontist about products that can relieve the pain caused by canker sores or prevent them. make sure you eat a healthy diet, one that is rich in vitamin B – 12 as well as other important nutrients. if you do have a canker sore avoid citrus fruit to prevent pain. keep an over-the-counter analgesic or canker sore medication on hand as this can help eliminate the store as well as deal with the pain.


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