Cells That Store Fat Are Called Adipocytes

Fat is found in many foods. It usually results in high in energy in the body when consumed.  It is usually taken into the body as fat, after which it is broken down to enable it to go into the bloodstream, where it is burnt as fuel or stored to be used later. This is why most people are called fat. Fatty food is attractive and you will find yourself being tempted to consume it even if you don’t need it. The cells that store fat are called adipocytes or fat cells. The cells that keep fat are known as white adipose, which is used as energy while the brown adipose cells are used to create heat and they are not used for storage of energy. Adipocytes are located under the skin and in the abdominal cavity and around the internal organs of the body.


Scientifically, fats are called triglycerides. The molecules are made of chains of three fatty acids stuck onto a glycerol molecule. Their structure is found in food and that is how they enter the body and they later are broken into parts, so that they can easily pass through the digestive wall into the body. When they are going through the digestive wall, they are formed into triglycerides again. The triglycerides are broken down again by the fat cells and muscle cells to enable them to go to the cell through the cell membrane.

When the fat is needed for energy, the triglyceride is broken down back to three fatty acids and a single glycerol molecule. When fats need to be broken down, a signal is sent to the body by the hormones. This also happens when the fats need to be synthesized and stored. Cells that store fat are called Adipocytes. Glycerols are known as carbohydrates and they go through glycolisis which is a carbohydrate metabolic pathway. Energy is then released and the fatty acids go through beta-oxidation.

A fatty acid is located in the mitochondrion before it is broken down. It is a chain of carbon atoms and some sticking out of it. Every fatty acid has to go into the mitochondrion, where a coenzyme is added.  Obesity happens when the adipocyte increases in size and the fat mass expands. Insulin stimulates fat production in adipocytes. The adipocytes are not lost even if one loses their weight, what happens is that they just gain or lose weight. If they reach their maximum storage of fat, others are formed to store the extra fat.

When the fat cells increase from 66% to 100%, obesity occurs. If you are struggling with weight gain, the fat cell needs to be controlled. The fat cells are very flexible, therefore; they can store a lot of fat. Their size actually depends on the number of molecules that are transported into the cells. Fat cells are able to increase and decrease in size, so when you decide to shrink them you must maintain it. If you do not persevere in controlling them, they will go back to storing fat.

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